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If My Baby is Already Born, is Choosing Adoption after Birth an Option??

Time seems to be an important factor in every adoption. For birth mothers everywhere, the adoption process can come loaded with questions about when everything will happen, such as: “when will my child go to his or her adoptive family?” or, of course, “when will my baby be born?” At Adoption Choices of Arizona, it’s our job to help you answer all of these questions to the best of our ability. One other question we sometimes encounter from curious birth mothers is, “when can I place my child up for adoption?

Many birth mothers may incorrectly assume that the adoption process takes place only before a child is born. As a birth mother, you are totally free to choose adoption even after your child is born, and as one of the top adoption agencies in Arizona, we want to help you make that decision. Choosing adoption after birth might seem unconventional, but it is absolutely an option that is available to you. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the adoption process for babies who have already been born.

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Making an Adoption Plan via Newborn Adoption or Infant Adoption

The primary distinction between adoption before and after birth is the time spent on the adoption process. For instance, “newborn adoption” refers to the common practice of working with an adoption agency during the pregnancy to set up a personalized adoption plan for when your baby is eventually born. “Infant adoption”, on the other hand, refers to creating a similar adoption plan after your baby has already been born. In terms of how they differ, a newborn adoption typically allows a birth mother a lot more time to plan out how she wants to handle her adoption, ranging from figuring out what kind of assistance she needs to finding the perfect adoptive family for her child.

For infant adoptions that take place after the baby is born, Adoption Choices of Arizona is dedicated to giving you the same level of care and control over your adoption plan. Our adoption caseworkers will work quickly and closely with you to prepare everything you need to have a successful adoption, even with the stress of the pregnancy still lingering. This can take place weeks or even months after your baby is born. If you decide that you’re choosing adoption after birth for your baby, rest assured that the quality of our assistance will not be any different than any other adoption at any other period in the adoption process.

Why Choose Adoption after Birth?

There are plenty of reasons why a birth mother would choose to place her child up for adoption after he or she is already born. The circumstances we often find ourselves in are ever-changing and no situation is the same. A home environment that was once suitable and safe for a child may no longer be a welcoming place. Financial situations can totally flip, especially in an unstable economy. You might lose your job or your home entirely. Your education or career path might suddenly change. You may simply be rethinking your own ability to properly care for a child. At the end of the day, there are numerous reasons why you would consider choosing adoption after birth for your child.

If you decide that you’re unable to raise a child for whatever reason, that is perfectly fine and shows a level of understanding and compassion. Placing your child up for adoption in these circumstances, even after he or she has already been born, is an act of love that gives your child the best chance at a successful future that he or she could possibly have. Placing a child up for adoption this late shows responsibility and care for your child’s wellbeing, and you are well within your rights to make this decision.

Choosing Adoption after Birth

Finding the perfect personalized plan for your adoption is difficult. That’s why Adoption Choices of Arizona specializes in finding the best possible plan suited to your needs, whatever they may be. In this case, we want to help you through the adoption process no matter what stage of the pregnancy you find yourself in, from the first couple of months to several weeks after birth. No matter what time frame, we are here to help. We have all the resources and information you need to figure out if choosing adoption after birth is right for you and your child.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are an prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

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