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Discovering that you’re pregnant amidst a struggle with drug addiction is a difficult realization and can be a detriment to your mental health. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we are here to support you, help you know your options, and realize you shouldn’t lose hope. Here is what you should do as you search for an adoption plan among these tough situations.

Contact us, and connect with one of our adoption consultants

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we have adoption specialist who want nothing but to ease your worries, clarify any questions about the process that you have, and help you complete your adoption plan efficiently. Your specialist will help you start thinking about what kind of adoption plan you want to set, prepare you on how to approach applications from prospective adoptive parents, and continually be your go-to throughout the whole adoption process. You’ll continually make a difference in each other’s lives, and you’ll always have a shoulder to lean on.

Meet with a neonatologist and addiction specialist, if possible

Arranging a meeting with both a neonatologist and addiction specialist will be nothing but beneficial. A neonatologist’s specialty is newborn care, so they’ll give you everything they know about the effects your baby could possibly face, and you can pass those on to the adoptive parents. Addiction specialists, meanwhile, can provide you with treatment plans and mental healing. Both people will undoubtedly put you back on track.

Remember you’re placing your baby on the best path possible

Choosing to search for an adoption plan is never an easy decision, and everyone in your life should commend you for your courageous choice to give your child the best life you possibly can. Whether or not you agree on an adoption plan that involves staying in contact with the adoptive parents and your child (called open adoption), you can rest easy knowing you did the right thing for everyone involved.

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