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I Gave My Baby Up for Adoption, Now What? 

By Megan Kostraba 

Those who have experienced and chosen adoption for their families know how long of a journey it is. For a good part of a year, birth mothers are making countless choices and experiencing a flood of emotion in preparation for their adoption. It’s tough work! 

And then it’s all over. It can feel off—the way we build and anticipate certain moments of our lives so much. Then, in just a day, it’s all over. It might leave you feeling anxious, confused, or even regretful. 

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we understand that facing the world after your adoption can be difficult and scary. The whole adoption process is spent preparing for the next step—anticipating all the unknowns and becoming prepared. When you’ve given birth to your child, your adoption journey is nearing its end. Suddenly, you might not be sure what to do next. 

We can help! Our services are provided for you before, during, and after your adoption. Getting back on your feet and gearing up for your next journey may seem impossible post-adoption. It’s okay to feel that way—you’ve been on a very physically and emotionally demanding experience. Just remember that with adoption comes healing, and that’s what we’re here for. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona Services 

A lot of birth parents feel overwhelmed after they have given birth and signed the official adoption papers. In comes the question, what’s next? Well, there are a lot of answers to that! Every birth family is different. Unplanned pregnancies happen often, and they happen to a lot of different people. 

When you are going through the adoption process, our specialists like to talk post-adoption. We want you to remember that you don’t have to be alone, and we are there for you after your childbirth, too. We understand how much better things can feel when you have a plan to follow. Your adoption specialists will do their best to explain how post-care works and discuss your hospital plan. In your hospital plan, you will choose who you want to be in the room with you if you want to hold your baby, and how long your stay will be. 

Many birth mothers share similar feelings after giving birth to their child. Regret, sadness, relief, guilt—it’s a universal feeling among birth mothers. Placing your baby up for adoption is challenging and intimidating, and facing all your differing emotions is difficult. Some birth mothers feel guilty for even feeling relief. That’s a lot to unpack, and we want to help you express your emotions in a healthy way. It’s one of the reasons why we encourage postpartum support for our birth families. 

Postpartum Care Support and Life After Adoption

Some birth parents need some extra help after their adoption—and that’s okay! We have a team of adoption counselors throughout our adoption agencies in Arizona for this purpose. Birth parents experience an intense variety of thoughts and feelings after their adoption, and it can be hard to grapple by yourself. 

Birth parents also have to deal with the misconceptions of adoption. Many people in our world might not have the same attitude towards adoption that modern agencies do. Some people think that placing your baby up for adoption means that you will never see your child. This is wrong! Depending on your adoption plan, you very well can see and keep updated on your child. A lot of adoptive families and birth parents communicate through: 

  • Digital texts and videos
  • Emailing 
  • Social media platforms 
  • Phone calls 
  • In-person visits 

While it can be hard to see, your life after adoption will begin to slowly take place! You have the opportunity to check in on your child if you wish, but you also don’t have to. Both you and your child will grow and flourish on your own after adoption with healing and time. 

Moving On to Your Post-adoption Chapter 

Our adoption agencies in Arizona are there for you at any moment of your adoption, including when it’s over. One of the hardest parts about accepting adoption is also accepting that you will need to heal. We can help you do that together. 

If you are seeking unplanned pregnancy help or know someone who is, you can reach out to our agencies in Arizona anytime. We can help get you started on your adoption journey.