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I Don’t Feel Bad About Placing My Baby for Adoption, Is Something Wrong With Me?

By Ryan Yau

If you need help with an unplanned pregnancy, you are likely considering your choices for your baby. However, you may be worried that you will not feel bad about choosing adoption. This does not mean you are a bad person, as it is natural to be relieved after the adoption process.

Often, these concerns about adoption are based on preexisting misconceptions you may have read. They are often based on harmful stigmas that are untrue. Adoption Choices of Arizona can help combat some of these stigmas and help you feel more secure in your choice. We believe that being fully informed allows you to make the best decision for you and your child.

Why Adoption Isn’t a Selfish Act

The most common stigma about adoption is that expectant mothers who choose adoption are lazy or selfish. This belief is rooted in the unfair societal expectation for all women to be mothers. As a result, women who choose not to parent their child are stigmatized. This is untrue, and we want you to understand that adoption can actually be very selfless.

Not wanting to have children for whatever reason is perfectly okay, and you should not feel guilty for choosing this. Acknowledging that you are unable to take care of a child is what’s best for both you and your baby. An adoption agency in Arizona can help ensure that your baby will be placed in a loving home.

Furthermore, you provide adoptive parents with the opportunity to raise a child. For some, adoption may be their only option to have a child. Therefore, adoption is not at all a selfish act since you will have to carry a child through pregnancy.

Should I Feel Relief or Joy After Adoption?

For many birth mothers, adoption is a bittersweet process. As mentioned, you get to provide adoptive parents with the opportunity to raise a child. However, you also experience the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. Regardless, some birth mothers feel relieved after going through the adoption process. This is nothing to feel guilty about, of course. Adoption is a long process, and the end of your hard work is cause for celebration.

You may fear that it would be inappropriate to feel happy since you have placed your child with another family. However, if you consider things from the family’s perspective, the occasion is very joyous indeed. It is natural to feel happy, as you made a decision that benefits yourself and provides a lot of joy. Additionally, the end of the adoption process doesn’t necessarily mean your baby is out of your life. In an open adoption, you exchange contact information with the adoptive parents. This means you will be able to visit your child post-adoption. There are many types of adoption to choose from nearby adoption agencies and give you full control throughout the process.

Seeking Post-Adoption Support or Counseling

If you still feel guilty after placing your child for adoption, that is completely normal. Even if you recognize that adoption ultimately benefits all parties involved, it can be difficult to shake certain feelings. With an adoption agency in Arizona, you can take advantage of various forms of post-adoption support. These can help you feel more comfortable in your decision and ease any negative feelings you may have.

Counseling services are a good option to deal with birth mother grief. Placing your child for adoption can lead to a unique form of grief. Because pregnancy creates such a special bond between mother and child, separation can be difficult. This is similar to the grief experienced when losing a loved one, even if your child is not physically gone. These feelings are very natural, but counseling services can help you get through some of these difficult emotions.

You can also join birth mother support groups in your area with others who have gone through the adoption process. Meeting a community of people who have similar experiences is a good way to work through these feelings.

Feeling Comfortable in Your Decision of Adoption

We want you to be comfortable in whatever decision you make for you and your child. Even if you still face feelings of guilt, we assist you throughout the entire adoption process. Adoption is not a process you have to go through alone, and there is a lot of support you can take advantage of.

If you are looking into adoption and want to learn more, Adoption Choices of Arizona can provide you with information.