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I Already Have Kids: Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption?

By Ryan Yau

As a parent who is expecting, you may be wondering if you can still place your child for adoption. Yes, it is possible to seek adoption, even if you already have children. Whether you are raising your children or they are under the care of others, you have the ability to choose adoption.

You should not feel guilty about seeking adoption. As you may know, taking care of children is a big ordeal. If you are unable to raise another child or simply do not want to, that is completely okay. Adoption Choices of Arizona can teach you everything you need to know if you are unfamiliar with the adoption process. From planning your adoption to choosing your baby’s family, you do not need to navigate the adoption process alone.

Why Choose Adoption in Arizona?

You may not have made up your mind on adoption and are still considering options for your baby. However, there are many great reasons to place your child for adoption. Adoption is legal in every state and can be chosen at any stage of pregnancy. This means you can take more time to decide if you want to raise the child or not.

A common misconception about adoption is that it is selfish. Regardless of your reason for choosing adoption, you give others the chance to raise a child. Sometimes, those people may be unable to have children of their own. Choosing to carry a child and provide the opportunity of parenting to others is an undoubtedly selfless act.

Where Do I Start with Adoption?

If you have never sought adoption, it may feel intimidating. Just figure out where to start. A good option is to look at adoption agencies in Arizona you can go to. Chances are, there will be one near your home. Adoption Choices of Arizona provides many services for mothers who are considering adoption and makes the process straightforward. We will provide you with the services of an adoption specialist who will help you plan out your adoption.

Creating an Adoption Plan

The first and most important step in adoption is planning how you want your adoption process to go. You will want to create an adoption plan. Your plan will cover your medical, financial, and legal requirements, as well as the details of your child’s adoption. It can also include services such as counseling.

If this sounds intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. With the help of your adoption specialist, you should be able to make a plan that covers all your needs. Making sure that all considerations are taken into account is key to successful adoption.

Different Types of Adoption for Your Child

There are many different types of adoption that can fit your needs. One big consideration you should make is what level of contact you want to have with your child after adoption. An open adoption allows you to trade contact information with your child’s adoptive parents. This means that you have the option to visit your child and even be a part of their life.

Conversely, you can choose a closed adoption, where you will have no contact with your child’s parents. Or you may opt for a semi-open adoption, where the adoption agency will send you updates about your child’s life. Your choice of adoption is completely personal, and your adoption specialist can inform you about each.

What happens after adoption?

You should be aware that some mothers experience birth mother guilt from being separated from their children. It is a natural reaction to losing the strong bond formed during pregnancy. However, services like counseling or support groups can help with the grief, which can be included in your adoption plan. Support from Adoption Choices of Arizona does not end after you place your child for adoption. You will still be able to make use of counseling services if necessary.

Even if you already have kids, you can always choose adoption for your baby. Placing your child for adoption may be different from raising a child on your own, but it is nonetheless a selfless decision. You are still choosing to bring a child into the world, even if they are not brought up by yourself.

The adoption process can be made straightforward. Look for an adoption agency near you, and create a plan for your adoption. Understanding the adoption process can allow you to make the best decision for you and your baby.