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The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time for everyone, but for birth mothers enduring post-adoption grief, it can be a time of sorrow. Adoption Choices of Arizona realizes how difficult this can be, and we are here for you! Here are some tips to you courageous birth mothers on how to survive the holidays.

  1. Recognize your pain and know it’s normal

Although the phrase “It’s OK to not be OK” has become slightly overused, that doesn’t its truth value has been altered. When birth mothers decide to search for an adoption plan, unavoidable affliction comes along with it. Everyone knows it’s never easy, especially every mother before you who has endured the same set of feelings. The first step to healing is coming to terms with your struggles.

  1. Embrace your support system

In moments of desolation, it may not seem like anyone’s there for you. It’s almost a guarantee, however, that all of your loved ones (and really, anyone in your life) are supporting you during these trying times. Let them know you need them, talk to them about how you’re feeling, and really let it all out. Even if you haven’t talked to this person in a while, they’ll undoubtedly provide you with the support you need. And who knows: they may need you just as much as you need them.

  1. Do what you love

No matter how hard it may seem, getting back into doing activities that pique your interest is one of the best forms of self-care. Whether that includes hiking, binge-watching classic sitcoms, or finding new music, your own version of self-care can rapidly brighten your mood. Why? Only you know what you truly like doing, so do it for yourself and your well-being.

  1. Remember pain isn’t permanent

Perhaps most importantly, it’s crucial to acknowledge that no matter how severe the pain is, it eventually ends. Life may never return back to normal, but extraordinary lives aren’t meant for normal, anyway. In placing your child for adoption, you set them on what you think is the best path for them. That in and of itself should ensure good days are coming for you as well.

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