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In a time when we are all confined to our homes and endlessly scrolling through social media, people are unfortunately exposed to adoption scams more than ever before. We at Adoption Choices of Arizona want to help you avoid these dangerous situations at all costs. Here are tips on how to steer clear of adoption scams.

What is an adoption scam, and how do I know if I’m in the middle of one?

An adoption scam, or adoption fraud, occurs when a prospective adoptive family is approached by someone, typically a birth mother, who claims to be searching for an adoption plan. However, the claims are untrue because they most likely don’t have a child, and they’re usually attempting to get money from you. Common tendencies among these scammers include, but are not limited to, expressing money problems frequently, being unwilling to provide medical information, and choosing you as the adoptive family almost immediately.

You should never be asked to directly transfer money

Since most adoption scams are attempts to get money, be wary of requests for direct money transfers. If a request comes up, it’s best to refer them to your adoption specialist, who has experience with payments and expenses related to pregnancy, adoption, and so forth. If the person you’re talking to refuses, that is a tell-tale sign that you’re being duped.

Always contact your adoption agency if you’re suspicious about anything

If any red flags ever come up, it never hurts to contact your adoption agency to see if you should be worried. We at Adoption Choices would be more than happy to answer any questions you have! The agency will only confirm your suspicions and give you tips on how to get out of the situation you’re in, or will help affirm that the person you’re conversing with is being truthful.

Scams are an unfortunate reality. This is why it’s more important than ever to choose an adoption agency that works with you! Be aware of the signs, and always reach out to your adoption agency with any questions or concerns.

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