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How Placing a Baby for Adoption in Arizona Can Change a Birth Mother’s Life

It’s no secret that motherhood changes a woman’s life. It teaches her patience and unconditional love. It allows a mother to learn from her mistakes, grow confident in her parenting abilities, and put her child’s needs before her own. Motherhood changes how she sees the world. Her senses become heightened because of her desire to protect her children from possible dangers. It is a life-long journey that does not come with a map, but leads to many special destinations.

For a soon-to-be birth mother, choosing to place a baby for adoption is an emotional experience that comes with many different emotions. These include fear, sadness, and guilt. Even though you know that you made the right decision for you and your child, these feelings continue to linger. Because you are an expecting mother contemplating placing your baby for adoption, it would be best to educate yourself on how the experience could affect your life. 

Thankfully, Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to assist you. We have compiled this resource of helpful examples on how placing a baby for adoption can change a birth mother’s life that will assist any mother considering placing her child for adoption.

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  • Judgement from Friends and Family

Even though you know in your heart that placing your baby for adoption was best for both of you, you could still receive negative reactions from those closest to you. They might question your reasons for the adoption and see you as irresponsible. What’s important is that you know that your decision was the responsible one.

  • You Might Envision Your Child in Other Children

Because you are the birth mother to a child living with their adoptive family, it is likely for you to imagine who your child will grow up to be. Will they be a splitting image of you? Will you both have the same fashion taste? Hobbies? Personalities? Likes and dislikes? You could witness a mother and child and wonder how your life could have turned out if you were able to be a parent to your child. You might witness loving parents pick out a birthday or holiday present for their child, and wish you could do the same.

Though you might wish to be the mother at the park pushing her smiling child on the swing, it would be wise to remember that every woman’s experience as a parent is different. No matter how clear a picture might seem, nothing is ever perfect.

  • It Forever Changes Your Relationship to Your Child

Though you gave birth to your child, they belong to your adoptive family once the adoption is finalized. Those nine months spent carrying the baby and being referred to as their mother now feel different. Though you will always be the child’s birth mother, they now have different parents. We understand how hard it could be to let go of someone you spent so much time growing, and getting to know. You spent months feeling their movements, the changes they help your body make, and watching them move on the sonogram. 

If you were to have a baby shower for yourself and your adoptive family, consider your feelings of not being able to see your child wear their future clothing, or play with the toys you gifted them. Even though placing your baby for adoption terminates your rights to parent the child, you will never stop being the birth mother.

  • Family Events Could Be Difficult Without Your Child

Those who have close, positive relationships with their extended family are often eager to attend family reunions. They are a great way to catch up and spend quality time with each other. Reunions are also a nice way to meet the newer additions to the family. Placing a baby for adoption can change a birth mother’s life by reminding her that her child has a new family and will be attending events with that family instead of yours. 

Because you are considering placing your baby for adoption, your child will not get to know your extended family the way you might have growing up. Though family holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, the 4th of July, and birthdays are likely to be the hardest for birth mothers, it would help you to remember that your child has been placed with a safe and loving family.

  • You Could Contemplate Being a Parent in the Future

Though some women do not feel ready to raise a child, they often reconsider during more stable times in their lives. Depending on their situation, women feel more prepared to mother a child once they are financially and emotionally prepared. Once they are ready for the responsibility, they are more likely to become successful mothers.

In Your Heart, You Know Adoption is the Right Decision

Every expecting mother’s situation is different when it comes to whether or not they are able to raise a child. These mothers believe they are putting the needs of their child over their own. It is one of the most emotional decisions any parent could make, but also one of the most responsible. It would be great to have a strong support system to help you get through the adoption. No matter your decision, remember that it’s one you cannot take back. If you are feeling hesitant, there is no shame in asking for help.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are an prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

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