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How Far Along Do I Need to Be to Choose Adoption?

By Ryan Yau

If you need help with an unplanned pregnancy, you may be looking into the adoption process. It can be intimidating trying to figure out adoption on your own, and you may have many questions.

Look no further, as Adoption Choices of Arizona can answer any questions you have about the adoption process. We believe that being informed helps you do what’s best for you and your baby. Our agencies can assist you with making the right decision for your child. 

How Far Along Do I Need to Be to Choose Adoption?

You may be worried that you are too early or too late in pregnancy to choose adoption for your child. However, do not worry, as adoption can be chosen at any stage of pregnancy. In Arizona, abortion is illegal after 15 weeks of pregnancy. However, you will still be able to choose adoption at any time.

Do I Have to Go Through the Adoption Process Alone?

You will not have to go through the adoption process alone. Our adoption agencies in Arizona provide you with the services of an adoption specialist. They will help you plan your adoption and outline how you want everything to go.

If you are in a rough financial situation, you will benefit from our financial services. We can cover rent costs, medical costs, and food, among other things. You will also be able to choose your preferences at the hospital. If necessary, you can take advantage of our legal adoption services.

We are dedicated to making your adoption process as comfortable as possible. This involves you having full control over your adoption journey while not needing to do all the hard work yourself.

What Types of Adoption Are Available

Another aspect of having control throughout the adoption process is tailoring your adoption to your needs. There are many different ways you can make adoption just right for you. One of these is choosing what type of adoption you want for your child. Here are some of the common types of adoption:

  • Open adoption: in which you exchange contact information with your child’s adoptive family. This means you may be able to visit your child and even play a part in their life. Of course, this depends on both your and the parent’s wishes. Open adoption has become more popular lately, as it allows for more flexibility in remaining in touch.
  • Semi-open adoption: in which you receive updates from the agency about your child. You will not be able to visit your child, but you can still be assured that they are doing okay.
  • Closed adoption: in which you receive neither contact information nor updates of your child. If pregnancy was a particularly difficult experience, you may consider choosing a closed adoption.

Counseling Services During and After the Adoption Process

You also have access to various counseling services that are available during and after the adoption process. Pregnancy can be a difficult process, and for some mothers, adoption can take an emotional toll as well. Because you create such a unique bond with your child during adoption, it can be difficult to go through with the process. Even if you know it is the best option for you, it can be hard to choose.

Our adoption agencies in Arizona offer adoption counseling services to help you work through these feelings. You will receive the help of a professional counselor who can help you work through any grief. It is important to recognize that grief is a normal feeling to have during adoption. Additionally, it does not mean that adoption was the wrong choice.

Hesitations About Adoption

There are many misconceptions about adoption floating around that you may have heard. For example, you may have heard that adoption is a selfish act. However, this is untrue, as this is a stigma rooted in sexist ideals. Women are societally expected to play the role of mother, so choosing adoption is seen as going against this.

In fact, you can look at adoption as a selfless act. You acknowledge that you are unable or unwilling to take care of a child at the present moment. By doing so, you give your child the opportunity to belong to a loving family. You also provide parents the option to raise a child and start a family. It is perfectly okay to not be able to raise a child, and admitting so is what’s best for all parties.

Answering Questions about Adoption

If you still have any questions about the adoption process or your specific scenario, we can help. Adoption Choices of Arizona will be able to teach you everything you need to know for your adoption journey.