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How a Birth Father and an Adoptive Father can Be Celebrated 

By Rose O’Connor

When you are placing your baby for adoption, it can be an overwhelming process. You may have a lot of different emotions during your journey. As the birth parents, you may conclude that you have made the right decision for your child. But the other emotions may still be there. That is why at Adoption Choices of Arizona, we are here to support you throughout your journey. Your feelings are more than accepted here at Adoption Choices of Arizona, and we want to further help you along. We work one-on-one with women who are going through unplanned pregnancy help as well. 

What is the Difference Between an Adoptive Father and a Birth Father?

Even though these two terms sound similar, they are more different in ways. An adoptive father is a parent that is adopting your child. A birth father is the biological father of the child that is being put up for adoption. It is important to learn these differences and know that both should be celebrated in their ways. 

The Role of a Birth Father in the Adoption Process 

Birth Fathers who are willing to participate in the process have various roles. Here are some ways the birth father can show his support to the Birth Mother: 

  • Always support the birth mother throughout the journey, from start to finish. 
  • The birth father can work with the birth mother on creating the adoption plan. This ensures that you both will find an adoptive family.
  • Communicating emotions to each other is a great form of support! This can further help you to assist each other on the journey. 

How a Birth Father Should Be Celebrated 

A birth father who is supportive and present during the adoption process should be celebrated as well. Even though the birth mother has more steps to complete and more to deal with, the birth father should be celebrated with support. Most often, birth fathers are only seen as those who don’t partake or leave the birth mother to go through this alone. That is true in some cases, but not all birth fathers do that. Birth Fathers who support the birth mother throughout her journey are an amazing addition. 

The Role of an Adoptive Father in the Adoption Process 

The role of an adoptive father can go either way. Either they can be a single parent or with a significant other. The adoptive father’s role is to go through the process of adopting your child. 

When both of you are outlining your adoption plan, your adoption specialist provides a variety of family profiles. This is based on the specific needs you list. Here are some aspects to look for when you are looking for an adoptive family (within the adoptive father as well). 

  • Religion: Do you care if the adoptive parent (s) are religious? What are their beliefs? 
  • Relationship Status: Do you prefer a single parent to adopt or a married household? If the adoptive parent(s) already have children, how many siblings is ideal?
  • Location – Do you care about the location? Do you want to be in the city or more rural? Or suburban? 

Choosing the Type of Adoption with the Adoptive Father Role Addition 

With the addition of the adoption plan, you both will choose the type of adoption you want. There are three types of adoption: open, semi-open, and closed. 

Open adoption is when the birth parents and the adoptive family have complete contact. Moreover, open adoptions allow you, as the birth parents, to keep in contact with the child and the adoptive family during the adoption process. This level of communication includes video calls, emails, letters, phone calls, and meeting in person if you choose to.  

A closed adoption is when there is no contact exchanged between the two of you and the adoptive family. Adoptions that are done with a third party may seal information related to you, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents.  

Semi-open adoption is between open and closed adoption. This may be a good option if you both want to hear about your child but don’t want direct contact. This allows a specific type of privacy from the adoptive family (adoptive father). Additionally, it would help both of you to continue your life, knowing a bit about your child but still keeping privacy. Contact may include exchanging letters and other forms of that type of communication. 

How an Adoptive Father Should Be Celebrated 

An adoptive father should always be celebrated, single or not. An adoptive father wants to adopt your child and provide a loving and nurturing environment. He is willing to do everything he can to make sure your child is in a stable and loving home. That is something that an adoptive father should be celebrated for. 

Our Adoption Agencies are Here to Help You 

Our adoption agencies in Arizona specialize in working with women who are looking for options for their pregnancy. Every adoption journey is unique in its own way. And we advocate assisting women who want to place their baby up for adoption. In addition, when you search for adoption agencies near me, you will be met with a local and licensed agency. That means that we will work with you one on one. We offer many services, from financial, housing, transportation, medical, and counseling assistance. We understand that both of you may experience many emotions. That is why we recommended our counseling service! We have specialists that will work with you one on one. We offer non-judgmental information and guidance. 

You are Not Alone in Your Adoption Journey 

When you are going through the adoption process, it can take a significant emotional toll on you. As the birth parents, you may experience different emotions, even if you feel that you have made the right decision for your baby. That is why our adoption agencies in Arizona advocate for helping you with your journey. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we make sure that you are provided with any additional resources you may need. 

If you are a woman who is considering adoption, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!