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4 Hard Things about Placing a Baby for Adoption in Arizona

By Bruce Kong

If you are a birth mother who wants to place a baby for adoption, then you’ve come to the right place, and here at adoption agencies in Arizona, we treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefit you need. The thing about Adoption in Arizona is that it can be an extended process, but that’s only for adopting parents. Fortunately for you as the birth mother, your adoption is straightforward. And according to Arizona adoption laws, birth parents may consent to adoption 72 hours after the child’s birth.

Here are four other reasons why birth mothers might struggle to place a baby for adoption. But remember this, there is always a family waiting to love your child.

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Choosing an Adoption Professional

Adoption professionals will go through the logistics of how the adoption process works: and it starts with choosing the characteristics of the family, the amount of communication between you and the adoptee, and more.

4 Hard Things about Placing a Baby for Adoption

1. Choosing Adoptive Parents

This may be the most overwhelming and time-consuming part of the adoption process. While it’s nice that adoption agencies let you view the adoptive parent’s profile, it’s still nerve-wracking to decide who your child will spend their life with.

2. Building Trust in an Open-adoption

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “open adoption,” this might be the perfect learning opportunity. Open adoption is an adoption term that allows the birth mother to choose the adopting family and means that the adopting family and birth family agree to keep open communication.

There is no hidden information about the child, and everything is shared regularly. However, while that’s easier said than done, there are still trust issues and concerns from the birth mother. A birth mother doesn’t just immediately decide to fantasize about getting pregnant and putting up a baby for adoption. It involved a lot of reflecting and consulting others before the adoption process.

3. No Legal Rights Over the Adoptee

Once an Arizona adoption process is over, the adopting parents have legal rights over the adoptee. The birth mother can still communicate with the child, but that depends on the level of openness they choose. And something else that’s overlooked is that a birth mother cannot choose to change her mind at the last minute. She can’t decide to take her child back after the adoption process. Once the adoption is complete, the adoptee is under the adoptive family’s custody. 

For more information about the legality of the adoption process, contact one of our adoption specialists or your legal adviser.

4. Adoption Loss and Grief

The thing about grief is that death doesn’t need to occur in one’s life to exist. Instead, it’s when someone has lost or given up an important person. A birth mother’s struggle with an unplanned pregnancy will ultimately lead to adoption and uncertainty about which Arizona adoption agencies will be the right fit for the baby and, more importantly, if there will be support from family members.

A feeling of loss might come after grief, or for most birth mothers, it will happen simultaneously. When someone returns home after giving birth and realizes that they’ve come home without a child in their hands: there are no words to describe it.

How do I Start My Adoption Process?

Adoption agencies in Arizona are here to answer your questions and provide you with the most valuable resources. We won’t leave your side and will ensure that you work with skilled individuals who can assist you with each step in the adoption process. Remember, you’ve taken a bold step in considering adoption to ensure that your baby will be born into a loving family and provided with a bright future.

Adoption is not scary – it’s an act of love letting the adoptee know that they will be cherished forever.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call us at or text us at 602-922-0408. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please, instead, visit us here!