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Does Giving Up My Baby for Adoption Make Me a Bad Person? 

By Sylvie Christen

We can answer this for you now, no! We understand the difficulties that come with unplanned pregnancy. You may be desperately searching for Arizona adoption agencies and seeking support. Yet, through it all, you are asking questions like: “Will I be judged for choosing adoption? Does not wanting to parent make me a horrible person?” 

Adoption Choices of Arizona is here for you no matter where you are in your adoption journey. As Mother’s Day approaches, we are reminding birth mothers everywhere that placing your baby for adoption is an incredibly selfless act. Allowing someone else to parent your baby is tough, but it can be extremely rewarding. 

Why Choosing Adoption Does Not Mean You Aren’t Giving Up

You have probably seen adoption agencies using the phrase “giving up a baby for adoption.” This kind of phrasing is outdated and known as negative adoption language. It is used to help women like you find resources and support when searching online. 

We never want to imply that birth mothers are giving up on their children. In fact, creating an adoption plan is the opposite of giving up. With a licensed agency like Adoption Choices of Arizona, you are in control of every aspect of your adoption. You can feel at ease knowing you are choosing the perfect home for your child to grow up in. 

Furthermore, adoption does not mean your child is out of your life forever. Open or semi-open adoption allows you to stay in contact and develop a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship with the adoptive family. 

Adoption is a Selfless Choice

Not only does choosing adoption relieve the responsibility of parenting, but it provides a once-in-a-lifetime gift to a family. Many families who are waiting to adopt have chosen to do so because they cannot have children of their own. By placing your baby for adoption, you are making a tremendous sacrifice that will not be forgotten.  

Reasons Why Parents Place Their Babies for Adoption

It can be very scary when you are pregnant and don’t want the baby. No matter the motivation, all birth parents deserve to feel supported when placing a baby for adoption. By understanding common reasons, you can feel assured that you are not alone. 

  • You can’t afford a baby. Money may be one of your first worries when you find out you are unexpectedly pregnant. Fortunately, with a private agency, financial assistance is available throughout the adoption process.
  • You are too young or too old to parent. 
  • You can’t emotionally support a child. 
  • You already have children and can’t support another. 
  • You have an active case with CPS or DCFS. State agencies like these can take children without the parent’s consent. Creating an adoption plan puts the control back in your hands. 
  • You are homeless or in another challenging situation where raising a child is not ideal. 
  • Or, you simply don’t wish to parent. Children are not in every person’s life plan, and that is okay! 

Despite what our society tries to tell women, it is possible to feel happy and fulfilled without parenting. Remember that it is your life and your decision only. No one can make you feel guilty or ashamed without your consent. 

Adoption Support for Birth Parents

We take pride in being the best choice of adoption agencies in Arizona. To provide the most comprehensive care possible, we offer counseling for birth mothers during every step of the adoption process. In particular, post-placement counseling is advantageous as you are dealing with negative emotions. What you are feeling post-placement is normal, and our staff can help remind you of the brave decision you have made. 

You also can take advantage of birth mother support groups. Talking through your emotions with women who have gone through similar things is a simple way to ease your burden. 

Other services we provide include: 

  • Financial assistance for expenses like travel, housing, and more
  • Access to compassionate and empathetic healthcare
  • Your choice of the adoptive family
  • Legal help

Contact us today to learn more! Our staff is available 24/7 to call or text and can come to you anywhere in the state. 

Giving Up Your Baby for Adoption Does Not Make You a Bad Person

If you are facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, you do not have to go through it alone. Your local adoption agency in Arizona has been supporting women like you for more than ten years. Our experienced staff is ready to help you prepare for your adoption journey. To learn more about how an adoption plan can benefit you, visit Adoption Choices of Arizona or contact us today.