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Although you possess all the gratitude in the world toward the birth mother who has chosen you and toward the child who will soon be under your care, it can be hard to show it sometimes. If your adoption plan is underway with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is the perfect time to show how much you care via a loving gift. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we are here to help you choose the perfect one! Here are some ideas on gifts for both birth mothers and adoptees that’ll show just how much you truly care.

Gift cards (for the birth mother)

Who wouldn’t love and appreciate a gift card to one of their favorite places? Especially in the case of an open adoption plan, subtly talk to the birth mother and learn more about her favorite places to go to eat or relax. It’s an easy yet lovely gesture to show how grateful you are for everything.

A stuffed animal (for the child)

Stuffed animals become lifelong companions for some. They’re easy to find, easy to love, and easy to take care of (as long as a dog doesn’t get ahold of it). Children effortlessly become attached to them because they’re soft to the touch, and they can be named, so you feel an emotional bond. It’s a simple way to fulfill your child’s wish for a long-lasting toy.

Flowers or chocolate (for either)

Flowers and chocolate aren’t only acceptable as gifts for a significant other. Flowers and chocolate are pretty and sweet while giving off vibes of kindness and gratitude. The best part about it? They’re not hard to find, as every single store you walk into from now until the week after Valentine’s Day is bound to have row after row of these delicacies.

A recordable book or card (the birth mother records for the child)

Hallmark commercials have popularized recordable cards, showcasing their lasting value. The birth mother can record a story with a book, sharing something they want their child to remember forever, or just create a quick message to remind them how much they care via a Hallmark card. These worthwhile gifts can be found at any Hallmark store, on amazon.com, or a plethora of other websites dedicated to recorded gifts.

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