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Gift Giving and Adoption in Arizona 

So you have figured out how to give your baby up for adoption and are happy with the new life you have given your child. However, you can feel the holidays or perhaps their birthday fast approaching. Perhaps you want to play a role in the child’s life, even after adoption in Arizona. Now you may be considering giving them a gift, but you are unsure where to begin or if doing so is appropriate. Birth mothers should be aware of their rights and just how they may go about partaking in the child’s life. 

Navigating this circumstance can be tricky, but Adoption Choices of Arizona wants you to know we are here to help. Whether the situation is that you, as the birth mother want to give a gift to the child or if you want to give a gift to the child’s new family, you need to know your rights and your available options. Perhaps you just do not know what to give the child. Adoption Choices of Arizona wants to give you any information you may need as well as a few gift ideas, especially with the holidays fast approaching.  

Types of Adoption in Arizona 

There are a few different types of adoption in Arizona, and they all come with different guidelines and restrictions in regards to interaction between the birth mother and the child. Understanding the types of adoption will be key to determining how to handle this situation. 

The type of adoption that grants the most interaction between the birth mother and the child and their family would be open adoptions. In an open adoption, you can maintain contact with the child and the adoptive family at any point, including after the adoption process has already been completed. The degree to which you will be able to interact with the child and the adoptive family will have been decided during the adoption process. Communication is essential in an open adoption, especially because Arizona does not define what constitutes an open adoption. 

There are also semi-open adoptions where you may have limited contact with the child. This relationship allows the birth parents to hear about their child, specifically as they are growing up, without maintaining a relationship with the child. It is important to note that in a semi-open adoption, this communication is managed by an adoption agency. Therefore, any gifts, pictures, letters, etc., are sent by the adoption agency. 

The last form of adoption is closed adoption which eliminates contact between the birth parents and the child. Birth mothers who agree to closed adoptions are not allowed to communicate with the adopted child so as to give both the child and the adoptive family privacy.  

Gift Giving Ideas for the Holidays

The type of adoption process that you underwent when putting your child up for adoption will ultimately determine if you can give your child a gift. As such, open and semi-open adoptions grant the birth mother the most freedom when interacting with the child and their adoptive family. Of course, before sending anything, you should consider the limitations of the communication you have been granted.   

  1. A Collection of Letters: You do not have to be a naturally talented writer in order to write a few letters because what really matters is that they are honest. Sending your child a collection of letters can be a great and simple way to let them know you are thinking of them. 
  2. A Scrapbook: Scrapbooks are another great way to give your child a thoughtful, personal, and inexpensive gift. Simply grab a scrapbook and fill it with recent memories, pictures from your maternity, or whatever you choose. 
  3. Keepsake: Keepsakes can be very varied gifts, and they are always meaningful. Giving an adopted child an item that contains sentimental value will show that you are thinking of them.  
  4. A Blanket: Many children never forget, and sometimes even still have a strong connection to, their childhood blanket. Giving your adopted child, their first blanket can be a gesture that they will always appreciate. 
  5. Plant a Tree: While this gift idea is specifically directed towards the birth mothers who underwent a closed adoption process, it is also a great gift in any situation. Planting a tree for your child, even though you cannot contact them, can be an incredibly thoughtful gesture that acts as a testament to your enduring love for your child.  

Deciding whether or not to send a gift to your child can be a challenging situation for birth mothers, but Adoption Choices of Arizona has all the information you may need to make your decision. It is always essential to know that you have options. If you know the types of communication, you are allowed to have with your adopted child. Then you can proceed to determine how you would send a gift to the child. If you underwent a closed adoption, then you always have the viable option of performing a gesture for the child. Sometimes performing the gesture can be a way to satisfy your urge to give a gift while working within the constraints of a closed adoption. Regardless of what you choose, we are alway here to help. 

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