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Frequent Questions About Adoption: How Adoption Choices of Arizona Can Help

By Megan Kostraba

Considering placing a child up for adoption is not an easy decision. There is so much information online about what you can, should, and shouldn’t do—it can become extremely difficult to navigate. 

Expectant mothers who are contemplating placing a baby up for adoption deserve a guide to assist during their decision-making process. Here at Adoption Choices of Arizona, we can help you throughout this process and lessen the burden on your shoulders. 

If you are a woman thinking about adoption and seeking information about how to create a plan, look no further. Allow us to take some of the weight and look through this section of frequently asked questions about adoption. 

How Do I Come to Terms with An Unplanned Pregnancy? 

Discovering you are pregnant and being unprepared for a child is frightening. You may feel helpless and unsupported, but we want you to understand that you are not alone. Adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Arizona, can help you learn about the adoption process. Deciding if adoption is the right choice for you is hard, but our goal is to make that process seamless. 

We recommend that to cope with and understand an unplanned pregnancy, expectant mothers: 

  • Take the time to accept the situation at hand and acknowledge all your thoughts and feelings about being pregnant 
  • Learn all you can about your options for an unplanned pregnancy 
  • Connect and contact an adoption agency to help you on your journey 

Why Should I Choose Adoption? 

Sometimes things happen in life unplanned, including pregnancy. Pregnancy can be an interruption in your life that you may not have been prepared for. You may have goals you want to continue pursuing, like furthering your education or your career choices. 

Perhaps the father is not available and refuses to take responsibility, or the family is unsupportive of this change in your life. You might also already have your own family or child and cannot take on further responsibility for another child. 

Or simply, you may just wish to help another family grow. All of these reasons are valid when considering adoption, as you need to do what is best for you! 

Putting your faith in an adoption agency can be scary. Regardless of your situation, looking for help during an unplanned pregnancy and deciding to place your baby up for adoption can be a wonderful opportunity for yourself and others. 

How Can I Pursue Adoption if the Father is Unsupportive? 

Going through this process can be challenging enough, especially when you do not have full support. The birth father may be uninvolved in your life, unsupportive of your choice, or not aware of the situation. Regardless of the scenario, we can help with your pregnancy

Depending on your particular situation and all available facts, we may still be able to place your baby up for adoption. Do not be deterred about adoption, even without the birth father’s consent. Our team can help you plan and determine the best way to go further with your adoption. We can assist you with legal counsel who will help us with this process. 

What is an Adoption Agency?

Adoption agencies are there to help you! They help birth mothers create adoption plans for potential parents, assisting during the process and helping you every step of the way. Adoption agencies also implement a matchmaking process that ultimately selects a well-suited family for the child, ensuring security and safety. Families looking to adopt must also pass a certain standard that the agency oversees. Background and home safety checks are conducted to guarantee things run smoothly for both the birth mother and the prospective parents. 

Overall, Adoption Agencies verify that the baby will be living in a healthy, happy, and loving environment. Birth mothers will be involved during every part of the process, making sure that your input and decisions are heard. Agencies even offer counseling services during this very emotional time for both the birth mother and father.

We want your adoption to be an easy process to help take some of your burdens and ease your mind. Placing your baby up for adoption can be stressful, but adoption agencies will take some of the load. 

How Do I Choose an Adoption Agency? 

If you’ve made the choice to place your child up for adoption, that’s great! But now, what comes next? 

If you’re looking for agencies in AZ, the best place to go to is Adoption Choices of Arizona. We can help you throughout the entire adoption process, also offering free consultations during this time. You will be in good hands with our agency—we understand the struggles and challenges you may be facing. Every adoption journey is unique to the individual, and we will do our best to cater to your needs, wants, and desires. 

If you are looking for adoption agencies near you, we have seven locations throughout the state of Arizona. Located in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, and Yuma, all of our adoption agencies in Arizona can help you understand how adoption works. 

Can I Receive Financial Help When Placing a Child Up for Adoption? 

Here at Adoption Choices of Arizona, we can offer some help with pregnancy-related financial expenses. We want to do our best to assist you and the baby during and after the pregnancy and birth process. 

We can assist with the following: 

  • Living costs for expectant mothers after the pregnancy
  • Groceries 
  • Transportation 
  • Rent and utilities 
  • Phone service 
  • Maternity clothing 

Birth mothers and their adoption counselors will make a budget together to make sure you have access to needed resources. We understand how difficult the financial stress of this can be, and we will help you get back on your feet after the delivery. 

Can I Meet the Prospective Parents/Family in Person? 

The potential parents of the baby can meet with the expectant mother before the baby is born. Birth mothers can choose what kind of relationship they wish to have with the adoptive family. If you wish, there will be opportunities to meet with the family over the phone, or in person, throughout your pregnancy. For example, you can let them know how doctor’s appointments are going and follow up about the baby’s health. The adoptive family can even attend an appointment with you if both parties are comfortable. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona will be with you every step of the way throughout this process. Whether you wish to have a closed or open adoption relationship with the prospective family, we can help you. 

What is the Difference Between an Open and Closed Adoption? 

An open adoption is one where both the birth parents and the adoption family have contact with one another. As mentioned above, it is up to the birth parents what relationship they would like to have, if one at all. Open adoptions allow both parties to be in contact throughout the pregnancy and after the adoption. The extent of this relationship is up to both parties involved. 

Closed adoptions are where there is no relationship or contact between the birth parents and prospective parents. All information is kept confidential, with the adoption completed through a third party who will withhold any given details. Through a closed adoption, birth parents do not have the right to communicate with the adoptive family or the child. 

What Services Can Adoption Agencies Offer Me? 

Adoption agencies in Arizona can start helping you right away! We will keep in contact with you over the adoption process and help you find an adoptive family at an early stage. An open or closed adoption is entirely up to the birth parents, and your adoption plan will be discussed. 

We can meet with you face-to-face and encourage you to visit us at one of our offices in Arizona. We will assist you throughout and after your pregnancy. Here at Adoption Choices of Arizona, we want you to feel protected and secure in your choice. We commit ourselves to serving the adoption community. 

Is Adoption Still Possible if the Baby Has Been Born? 

Whether born or unborn, we can help birth mothers make an adoption plan. It is not too late to consider adoption, even after coming home with a newborn baby. If you feel that being a new parent is not the right choice for you, we can help. 

We will walk you through the adoption process for a newborn baby or toddler! We can even come to your hospital room to discuss options. Adoption is always a choice, and at Adoption Choices of Arizona, you can contact our dedicated and experienced team anytime. 

We are here and available to answer any of your questions before, during, and after the adoption process. You have our full commitment to serving the adoption community, and we will help you create the plan fit for you. Choosing adoption can seem daunting, but you will have our full support and devotion. We can get through this together.