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Feeling Adoption Guilty: What if I don’t feel guilty about choosing adoption?

By Melissa Camacho

You have chosen to place your baby for adoption and feel there is nothing wrong with your choice. It is your right to choose the safest way to manage an unplanned pregnancy through adoption. Adoption Choices of Arizona prioritizes every birth mother’s issues and concerns, leading them to explore their adoption options. We understand you are going through very difficult, unexpected situations that may affect your mental and physical health. Adoption is a secure process that facilitates your child’s placement with a safe and loving adoptive family.

 Our adoption agencies in Arizona help birth mothers like you to feel confident about their decision. Feeling confident about choosing adoption in Arizona will help ease you through the adoption process. Therefore, feeling shameless as you move through your adoption journey is rewarding. If you are worried that your reaction makes you a bad mother, have no fear. Validating your reasons for choosing adoption will help free your mind from having a guilty conscience. We can help you get past this phase by accepting the nature, purpose, and mission of choosing adoption in Arizona.

If you need adoption help now, please call or text us at 1-480-900-5520 or visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona.

Adoption Placement Resolves Lack of Birth Mother’s Support

When a birth mother learns of an unexpected pregnancy, she panics, especially when experiencing a lack of support. There are reasons why birth mothers choose adoption. You may experience those reasons as they affect your pregnancy and the resources you need for custody of child care. Such reasons include lack of financial support, going through judgment from your peers, and interference with other activities. Adoption Choices of Arizona provides you with the necessary maternal needs to create a suitable adoption plan, such as

  • Financial assistance to help you pay for monthly expenses for housing, medical, utilities, food, and transportation 
  • Adoptive family placement assistance through our list of waiting families and information to match your adoption preferences 
  • Counseling support services to help you safely manage any emotional distress that affects the state of your well-being. 

We want to remind you about the purpose and nature of our adoption services. Through our support services and guidance, you decide to do what is right for you and your baby. The adoption journey is unique to each person, and we are always here to help you. That is why you choose Adoption Choices of Arizona!

You are Part of Your Child’s Love and Growth with an Adoptive Family 

There is always a family waiting to love your child. Open adoption allows you to choose the family that adopts your baby. Our adoption professionals can assist with selecting an adoptive family that you feel corresponds to your child’s needs. Once the adoption is finalized, the adoptive family will legally reserve parental rights for your child. 

Placing your trust in our adoption services builds your confidence, which helps reduce your stress. It also encourages you to explore your adoption options. You will be part of your child’s well-being with an adoptive family by putting your child up for adoption. For instance, you can also keep track of your child’s progress through open adoption. In addition, open adoption allows you to communicate through social media, video chats, mail, and family visits.

A home study is required to ensure your child’s needs are met as part of the adoption process. A caseworker will conduct face-to-face interviews and screen the adoptive family’s background. In addition, the caseworker will review the adoptive family’s budget to ensure your child’s medical needs are also covered.

You Can Set an Example for Other Birth Mothers Through Their Adoption Journey!

As a confident birth mother, you can lead the way for birth mothers on how to give a baby up for adoption. For instance, you can join our free counseling support services to share your experience on how you manage your pregnancy. In addition, you can help other birth mothers learn about the benefits our adoption agencies provide in Arizona. It’s a way to help them see their decision from a positive perspective. Our adoption community builds families in Arizona to care for adopted children. As part of our adoption community, we welcome you to educate others, including your loved ones, about our mission.

We embrace a birth mother’s self-compassion in her pursuit to launch an adoption plan or to begin your adoption journey. Birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!