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Fears about Giving Up a Baby for Adoption in Arizona

Adoption can be a stressful time for you. However, the reality is that the adoption process is extremely safe, easy, and carefree from your end. You have a few decisions you will have to make, but as the birth mother, you are in control of the process. The fear you experience now is very different from the reality of the situation since so many people are available to help at Adoption Choices of Arizona.

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Will my life get better after my adoption?

When you are placing your baby for adoption, you are most likely in a situation where you have financial hardships, strained relationships, an unplanned pregnancy, or not enough time to spend with a child. Turning to an adoption agency in Arizona is helpful to you and your child. This is because when you reach out to us, you receive emotional support before and after the baby is born, the choice to have contact or not to have contact with your child, or even to receive financial help.

The adoption process allows you to have financial support for maternity clothing, hospital bills, rent, and some food expenses. The goal of the adoption process is to make it as easy for you as it possibly can be. You have chosen to give up a baby for adoption to a family that has the ability to care for them, and we want to make sure that you feel the same way. This process helps you understand the purpose of your adoption, address your concerns ahead of time, and return you to where you want to be in life.

Adoption guilt and the fear of giving up your baby for adoption

Sometimes you need to do what is right for you and your child. When it comes to giving a baby up for adoption, it is hard, but it is sometimes the best decision. You are not leaving your baby behind. You are offering them a great future with a family that will love them unconditionally. We know that sometimes mothers may feel like it was the wrong choice and that it can be better now, but they did the right thing at that time so that you could have a future. You did not leave your baby behind. You gave them a second chance.

I won’t ever be able to see my child again after the adoption

This fear is one of the many that birth mothers feel; know that you are not alone. When you call an adoption agency in Arizona, whether it is Adoption Choices of Arizona or a different one, we are here to provide you with answers to help this fear. When you start the process of adoption in Arizona, there are three options that determine how you will proceed through the adoption process. The three options are open, semi-open, and closed adoption.

When these are brought up, it narrows down the adopting parents to people that will respect you and your wishes. Whether you choose an open adoption so that you can have a conversation with your child as they grow up, a semi-open adoption so you can watch them grow up from a distance or a closed adoption where you do not have to meet them again, you will have that choice.

The adoptive parents won’t love my child as I can

The adopting family can love your child like it is their own. Being a birth mother gives you a direct biological connection with your child, but time, care, and support will build a bond that time will not break. An adopting family wants a child that they can say is their own, love as their own, and be proud of. You are giving them a chance to be a parent, which they might not have been able to be before. They will give your child all the love they can, and that can be as much as you would have given them, but that child will know forever that their parents will love them no matter what.

There won’t be enough people that want to adopt my child

This is not true. There is an abundance of people looking to adopt a child in the United States, so giving your child up for adoption is a blessing for many families. There are more families wanting to adopt compared to birth mothers. In adoption in Arizona, the adoption option that you choose will determine the process and the people that will allow contact in the future. Regardless of who they are, they will be there for your child, and there are so many of these people out there.

The Fears about giving up your baby for adoption? We are here to help!

The fear that you are experiencing now is something that most birth mothers face. The uncertainty of who the adopting family is going to be, the ability to return to normal life, who will be able to love your child, and the possible regret of wondering if the past will be sorted out. There are so many people who want to love your child and be there for them. Your fears are known, but there are so many people out there that want to make a difference for you and your baby.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call us at or text us at 602-922-0408. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please, instead, visit us here!