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Facing Difficult Situations and Choosing Adoption in Arizona 

By Megan Kostraba

Every birth parent has a different and unique adoption experience. Some birth parents face more challenges than others. Women who have experienced situations like homelessness and abuse in their lives might be wary of placing their baby for adoption

Women who choose adoption come from all walks of life. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we understand! We’ve worked with many women who all have unique adoption plans and experiences. We work with you to create the best experience for you and your child. 

We don’t want our birth mothers to be concerned about whether their past will affect their adoption future. When you work with an agency, we can provide support and care and ensure that you will not be alone on your adoption journey. Let’s discuss the services an adoption agency can offer you and how we can provide unplanned pregnancy help.

Adoption Choices of Arizona Provided Services 

When you work alongside an agency for your pregnancy and adoption, you can expect a community of understanding professionals. Depending on your specific situation, we can guide you through our own services or recommend that you seek professional help. As an adoption agency, we suggest seeking immediate help or going to the authorities if your life is in danger. If you are in a dangerous situation with an abusive partner or located in a dangerous environment, make yourself the priority. The safety of yourself and of your child always comes first. Take action and seek help if needed. 

Our adoption agencies in Arizona can provide a number of services for our birth mothers. Some of these include: 

  • Financial help 
  • Housing and Transportation 
  • Medical care 
  • Adoption counseling and support 

Through our financial assistance, we can help you during your pregnancy. With your adoption counselor, we can determine some expenses that we can aid in covering. Some of these expenses might include:  

  • Rent, utilities, or safe housing 
  • Groceries and food 
  • Transportation 
  • Maternity clothing 
  • Phone services

We understand that you may need help during your adoption process. Depending on your situation, it may be difficult to find a safe place to stay or afford to feed yourself. We want you to feel safe, confident, and comfortable during your adoption journey. You can talk to your counselor about these services and discuss if they are right for you.  

Some birth mothers may not want to utilize our services, and that is something we understand, too! All we can do is encourage our birth mothers to seek help if they need it. Especially when it comes to adoption support and counseling, this is something we recommend to all birth mothers and families.  

Adoption Support and Counseling  

Placing your baby for adoption is a difficult decision to make and a difficult challenge to face as time moves on. Adoption follows many emotions and feelings that can be extremely difficult for one person to handle. For birth mothers who have unsupportive partners or family members or have faced hard challenges in the past, we want to be there for you. With an adoption counselor, birth mothers have the opportunity to express their feelings and understand why they have those feelings.  

You might have lingering feelings about choosing adoption that can affect how you reflect on your adoption experience. This is why reaching out for postpartum support is very important for birth mothers. Often, women who choose adoption feel emotions of guilt, grief, loss, anger, relief, and much more. Juggling all of these emotions while either preparing for childbirth or completing your journey is a lot of pressure on one person.  

Your past experiences and life challenges might also affect the way you view adoption. This is another reason why counseling is available to you! Our adoption agencies in Arizona all share one goal—helping you feel secure and confident in your choice. Adoption counseling might help you get there. 

Choosing Adoption in Arizona 

We get it—choosing adoption is scary. Actually, facing an unplanned pregnancy is scary too! An unplanned pregnancy is something many women have faced and will continue to face as time moves on. It can be nerve-wracking and panic-inducing, especially if your living or personal experiences are toxic or abusive. You might be unsure of where to go or how to proceed. That is what we are here for.  

We can help guide you through the adoption process and provide services that you might need. If you are currently experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or looking for guidance on adoption, reach out to one of our agencies in Arizona. With us, you are our priority. We will help get you started on your adoption journey, one step at a time.