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Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy and Seeking Adoption Options in Arizona 

By Sreevidya(Vidya)

An unwanted, unexpected, or unplanned pregnancy occurs when no children or no more children are desired. It can also be a mistimed pregnancy that has occurred earlier than designed. It is an umbrella term for pregnancies outside an individual’s or couple’s desired timing or life plan. Facing such a pregnancy can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. It encompasses a spectrum of emotions, from joy and surprise to fear and anxiety. Whether this pregnancy was actively unwanted, unexpectedly early, or arrived amidst challenging circumstances, it’s crucial to understand the options available and access the support you need.

Understanding Unplanned Pregnancy

Types of unplanned pregnancy:

  • Unwanted pregnancy: a pregnancy that is not desired at any time. 
  • Unexpected pregnancy: a pregnancy that occurs earlier than planned or desired.
  • Crisis pregnancy: a pregnancy that occurs in challenging circumstances, causing significant emotional, financial, or social distress

Factors contributing to an unplanned pregnancy:

  • Lack of access to or knowledge of contraception.
  • Contraceptive failure.
  • Sexual violence or coercion.
  • Underlying medical conditions.
  • Financial hardship.
  • Lack of social support.

The Emotional Impact of Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy has challenges of its own. The emotions you experience can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances and support systems. It can include feelings of shock, grief, anger, confusion, and anxiety. Always remember that support is available and that you are not alone. If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, you can consider three options:

  • Parent the baby yourself.
  • Look to abort the baby.
  • Consider adoption for your baby. 

Parenting may not be possible for several reasons. You may not be financially stable to support the child. Already have children, and you did not plan another one. Other goals in life may seem more important and necessary right now. Abortion may also not be the right choice, as the state you live in may not allow it. You may also not feel like aborting your baby. In this case, adoption looks like a good option. Many agencies offer adoption nearby. In the state of Arizona, there are many private adoption agencies. One such agency that helps you navigate your adoption journey is Adoption Choices of Arizona. Here, you can get help dealing with your emotions. Adoption Choices of Arizona offers confidential counseling, support groups, and information about all pregnancy options.

Considering Adoption in Arizona After an Unplanned Pregnancy

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, then look for options for adoption nearby. You may decide to work with Adoption Choices of Arizona, where you will be supported and guided through the entire adoption journey. Here, you will have full control of the adoption process. You can get resources like pregnancy help, financial help, counseling, and support free of charge. You may also choose to look for a safe living house and support with paying rent, groceries, bills, and phone. Services like pregnancy help doctors and hospital charges will be managed by the adoption agencies in Arizona

Having considered adoption nearby, there will be many choices that you will need to make. Choosing the right adoptive family for your baby is an important choice that you make. Deciding the adoption plan that you will prefer after finalizing the adoption is also important. To make the best decision, research well and think things through. It is also helpful to speak to Adoption Choices of Arizona and get information. By doing this, you can make an informed decision before finalizing the adoption. 

Choosing the Type of Adoption Process in Arizona

There are three types of adoption: open, closed and semi-open adoptions. In open adoptions, you can be in contact with your child post-adoption as well.  The level of communication may vary.

  • You can personally meet the child.
  • Send photos, letters, or any updates.
  • Call them and talk. 

The adoptive family and the birth families are in constant contact through each other with open adoptions.

If you choose not to be in contact with your child for whatever reason, then you can look for closed adoptions. In semi-open adoptions, you can have some form of contact with your child. You and the adoptive family can together decide what form of contact you want to have. Open adoptions are gaining popularity recently, and Adoption Choices of Arizona offers open adoptions. 

Find the Right Adoption Agency in Arizona

If you are considering adoption for your baby, then finding the right adoption agency in
Arizona is important. Choose an agency that:

  • Licensed to operate in Arizona.
  • It educates you about all the adoption and pregnancy options.
  • It assists you with medical care.
  • Is not judgmental and treats you with care.
  • Allows you to have full control over the adoption process.
  • Offers confidential counseling, support groups, and information about all pregnancy options.

It is important that you feel supported at every step. Adoption Choices of Arizona is equipped to help and support you in your adoption journey. If you are a pregnant woman and seeking information about adoption, then contact Adoption Choices of Arizona. They will help you safely navigate before and after the adoption process.