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Exploring A Modern Approach to Adoption

By Megan Kostraba 

Adoption is a complex and diverse process that overall works to provide a caring and supportive home for a child. It also can bring a sense of relief and peace of mind to hardworking birth parents. In our modern world, adoption is a topic that we can openly discuss! However, it was not always this way. Adoption used to be an act of shame—something that was looked down upon. Women were told to keep their adoptions a secret, as it was disgraceful for a woman to “give up on her baby.” This, most importantly, is not true! Adoption is a wonderful option for birth parents and families looking to adopt. It never means that a birth mother is “giving up” on her child—she is working to find them a loving and caring home. 

In today’s world, the idea of adoption being a taboo subject has ended! Placing your baby for adoption is a common process—known as an adoption process. The opinions of others do not matter when it comes to your reasons for seeking unplanned pregnancy help. Unplanned pregnancies, themselves, are an occurrence in life that we can prepare for now. An unplanned pregnancy happens to many women throughout life and will only continue to happen as time goes on. 

The modern adoption process was created to be open and transparent. This follows with an extreme focus on letting the birth mother make her own decisions and express her concerns or worries. There are many resources available for birth mothers at adoption agencies in Arizona, too! At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we prioritize support for birth parents and act as a guide on the adoption journey. 

Different Types of Adoption in the Modern World 

In Arizona, there are a couple of different types of adoption that our birth parents can choose from. Each type of adoption follows a different path and might be what you are looking for specifically. 

An open adoption in Arizona is when the birth parents and the adoptive family have contact. Open adoptions allow the birth parents to keep in contact with their child during the entire adoption process. The extent of this contract is up to both parties and must be agreed upon in legalities, but it is an opportunity for birth parents to check in on their child. Communication is a huge part of open adoptions! Communication between you and your child can occur with video calls, emails, text messages, in-person meetings, and even letters. For birth parents who want to know more about the well-being of their child, an open adoption might be the choice for you. 

There is also a closed adoption process that local adoption agencies will offer. Closed adoptions are when there is no contact or information shared between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. Closed implies a sense of confidentiality, meaning that the identity of the birth parents will not be revealed to the adoptive family. All communication of the adoption will be done through a third party, like an adoption agency. When agreeing to a closed adoption, the birth parents will no longer have the right to communicate with their child. 

Some birth mothers choose a closed adoption for the sake of themselves and their child. Adoption is a very personal subject, and birth mothers may want to be anonymous in their child’s life. A closed adoption can allow both the birth parents and the child to heal on their own. 

Modern Adoption Resources and Support 

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we understand how mentally and physically challenging the adoption process is. Birth parents will need extra support when receiving unplanned pregnancy help. When you’re choosing adoption, you’re also accepting that you will need time to heal! There is no shortcut to healing, either. You can reach out to others in the form of professional help, with an adoption counselor at an agency, or with a support group. Talking to your family and friends who are supportive is also very beneficial. Adoption can leave birth parents with a lot of emotions that are hard to express. Sometimes, just talking about your experiences can help you understand why you feel that way! 

Your local adoption agencies can also provide you with some resources to help you on your adoption journey! At Adoption Choices of Arizona, for example, you could be applicable for: 

  • Financial assistance 
  • Medical Care
  • Adoption Counseling 
  • Transportation and Housing 

We understand that facing adoption can be a challenge, and we want to help our birth mothers on their adoption journey. They deserve adoption resources, information, support, and guidance during the adoption process. You can talk to your adoption specialist about utilizing these resources during your adoption! 

Choosing Adoption For Your Family 

When it comes to adoption in the modern world, there are lots of options to choose from! Adoption is something we leave entirely up to the discretion of the birth mother. Your choices, wants, wishes, and concerns are our priority. Together, we share the goal of wanting to find the best family for your child. 

If you are considering adoption for your child, or have any questions regarding the adoption process, reach out to an adoption agency nearby. We can help you start your journey, taking it one step at a time.