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Adoption with Adoption Choices of Arizona always comes at no cost to the birth mother. It is very important that you are safe, stable, and healthy during your pregnancy and after you give birth. We will make sure that your needs for rent, groceries, transportation, phone service, and maternity clothing are all met. Your adoption counselor will make a budget with you and make sure you have what you need to avoid financial stress throughout your pregnancy.

Financial Stability

You have enough stress without worrying whether the phone bill can be paid or you can afford healthy groceries. If you believe that adoption is your best plan, we offer financial help with some expenses. We can assist you and want to make sure you and baby are ok throughout pregnancy and after birth. For more information about how we can help you, contact us day or night.

As a licensed adoption agency, Adoption Choices can make sure your bills are paid throughout your pregnancy.

Medical Care

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do during a pregnancy. We will make sure that you have pre-natal care from excellent doctors and nurses, and a birth plan that will meet your needs. Any portion of the medical expenses not covered by private insurance or by state funds will be provided by the adoptive family.

A Safe Place to Stay

If you are in a housing crisis or don’t have a safe home, we can arrange a clean, safe, and comfortable place to stay during and after your pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Arizona is very responsive when we receive a call from a homeless pregnant woman. If you are sincere about an adoption plan, we will respond immediately and place you in a hotel and provide a week’s worth of food while we help you assess your situation. If we all agree to go forward with an adoption plan, we provide appropriate and court approved financial assistance of housing, food, sundries, bus pass, and other necessities to make your pregnancy comfortable.

Legal Services

You will be provided with your own experienced adoption attorney who will walk you through each step of the legal process and ensure you understand your rights and everything you are agreeing to. He or she will have your absolute best interest in mind throughout each step of the legal process, from consenting to the adoption to helping you receive any living expenses you might need (read more below).

Supportive Counseling

Our adoption counselors know what you are going through and want to help you make the decisions that are right for your unique situation. Contact us today to talk with one of our counselors about how we can help you.

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