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Domestic Violence and Choosing Adoption in Arizona

By Megan Kostraba

Many women who choose adoption might have previous experience with an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, this is a hardship many women have to bear and face in our modern world. As this is a constant struggle, some women turn to adoption so that their child can grow and live in a different environment. 

Adoption is a choice for all women for many various reasons. Our adoption agencies in Arizona have worked with women who come from all walks of life. Some women choose adoption for financial reasons, medical issues, personal goals, or unsupportive family members. Some women also choose adoption because of an abusive partner and would rather place their baby up for adoption than have them grow up in that environment. 

As an Arizona adoption agency, we’ve worked with many women who have needed guidance on choosing adoption. Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be very scary and panic-inducing—especially if you have an unsupportive or abusive partner. Let’s talk about your concerns and challenges when it comes to adoption and if you need the support of a birth father. 

Do I Need The Birth Father’s Consent to Place My Baby for Adoption?

A birth father is the biological father of a child who has been or who will be adopted. Understanding the birth father’s rights and how they apply to the adoption process is important to the birth mother and their child. Any woman facing domestic abuse might not want to have a baby with the birth father and see adoption as an option for themselves. We support this! 

To begin, if you are in a dangerous or life-threatening situation because of your partner, call the authorities and seek professional help. Your life, your health, and the health of your child are of the utmost importance. We highly urge you to find a way to get out of that relationship and prioritize yourself. The details that follow adoption can be figured out with an adoption agency in Arizona—you are the priority. 

Depending on the situation and the facts at hand, Adoption Choices of Arizona may be able to help. There may be a way to consider adoption for your child without the birth father’s consent. Each adoption plan is unique for every birth mother, and our team of adoption specialists can help you create yours. Your situation will determine the best course of action to proceed with the adoption process. Do not lose hope!

Moving Forward with Your Adoption 

The type of adoption you choose can also help your child in the future. If you do not want your child to have any contact with the birth father, you can choose a closed adoption. In a closed adoption, your personal contact information will remain private to the child and to the adoptive family. You will either have very limited contact with the adoptive family, or no contact at all. You and your adoption specialist will choose which type of adoption is best for you during the creation of your adoption plan. Based on your situation, you and your specialist can handle the potential legalities of your adoption. A closed option may seem more appealing for a birth mother in an abusive relationship. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona can also provide birth mothers with counselors who can support the mother throughout the process. Counseling and support is something that we recommend for all of our birth mothers. Dealing with all of the lingering emotions that stem from adoption can be extremely difficult. Counseling can help birthmothers express their feelings and understand why they are feeling those emotions. For a birth mother is an abusive relationship, counseling could be a great system of support. 

Our agency also offers a number of various services for our birth mothers. Financial assistance, housing, transportation, medical help—you will not be alone! With your adoption specialist, you can discuss the services we have. Our agency is a support system for all birth mothers, and we can help guide you through your adoption journey. 

Choosing Adoption in Arizona 

Choosing adoption while facing an unsupportive or abusive partner is a pain many women experience. We urge birth mothers considering adoption to reach out for help in these situations. With an agency, you can discuss your options and create the best adoption plan for yourself and your child.

If you are seeking unplanned pregnancy help, reach out to our agencies across Arizona. We can help you get started, one step at a time.