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Do I Need to Create a Hospital Plan as a Birth Mother?

When considering adoption in Arizona, creating an adoption plan is very important. So much of the time you spend leading up to the birth really revolves around your baby and the adoption process. But what about you as a birth mother? As women, we tend to forget that we have to practice self-care. This article is all about you, your comfort and options for the birth day. We are here to help you create a hospital plan as a birth mother. Planning is key when it comes to the birth day!

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The actual birth may be the last thing on your mind when considering adoption, yet it is important to make some arrangements.You may feel like any unnecessary work is like trying to eat an elephant! Although hospital plans aren’t required, taking the time to fine-tune a few details will leave you with a little less worry on the day your baby arrives. This plan should be written down to have handy for yourself, family who attend the birth or hospital providers. It does not have to be complicated. 

To help get you started, here are a few things to consider when making your adoption hospital plan! The less you leave to chance, the better!

The Hospital Room during Adoption

Hospital rooms can feel intimidating, so think about what would help make you feel the most comfortable when giving birth. There may be things you like (or hate) that could make or break your level of comfort during the birthing process.

  • Music – Does music annoy you or help you to relax? Do you like jazz or classical? Maybe silence is your friend.
  • Lighting – Do you like lots of light or do you prefer a dimmed room? Some people even like to give birth in the dark. If so, bring a sleeping mask! 
  • Personal Items – Lucky charms, a necklace from your grandma or maybe a custom gown? Personal items are important to remember. When a loved one is not there, it may help you to feel peaceful.
  • Photos and Videos – Do you want someone taking photos/videos of you and the baby, or just the baby? If so, make sure your camera is ready to go and your phone is charged!

Your Body during Adoption Birth

  • Pain –  Do you want pain medicine, an epidural or are you having a completely natural birth? Maybe you want to go with the holistic approach complete with essential oils! Go ahead and consider your options for pain management sooner than later!
  • Comfort –  What measures are you looking to take to keep yourself comfortable? Maybe you want to use warm towels, lie on a certain pillow or practice special breathing techniques. Waiting until you’re in pain is not the time to figure it out. Believe us!

Your Adoption Delivery 

Did we mention that giving birth is hard? Having a support person will be very helpful. Who would you like to be in the room? How can this person assist you with your needs? Do you want the adoptive parents present, or your social worker? Here are some of the more sensitive details to think about: 

  • Vaginal Delivery –  Types of pushing techniques and positions. Do you want a mirror so you can see your baby being born? What about an episiotomy?
  • C-Section –  If you’re having a cesarean, would you like your support person in the room? Do you want the screen to remain in place or lowered so you can see your baby’s birth? What would make you the most comfortable and how can your team help? Even if you don’t have plans to give birth via cesarean, it’s still important to be prepared for the likelihood of it happening. 
  • Cutting the cord – One of the most important moments during delivery is the umbilical cord cutting. Who’s going to cut it? The placenta is also important to consider right after birth. Would you rather deliver it naturally or manage it with an injection? Do you want your baby to be placed on your chest? Would you like your baby to be cleaned up right away, or only after you’ve had a nice cuddle? Knowing whether or not you want to breastfeed is also important!


Wow! We certainly covered a lot of topics. Can you see why we believe a hospital plan is a good idea? Needing to create a hospital as a birth mother can seem overwhelming, but if you separate your plan into small, manageable pieces, you will feel more confident about your hospital experience overall. 

That said, we must ask, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is “one bite at time.” 

Remember, not everything has to be perfect. There will be a hiccup somewhere and not everything will go as planned. But actually plan for the “failing of plans” and decide to go with the flow. The only thing that truly matters is a safe delivery for you and your baby! 

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are an prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

Meet the author: Megan Nichols is a writer, artist and collector of multiple plants- most of which she has successfully killed. She lives in North Carolina with her goldendoodle, Rosie, and super-hero daughter. Megan is pursuing her MFA at Liberty University and plans to teach Art History and Creative Writing at her local community college after graduation. 

When she isn’t sipping pumpkin spice coffee and madly typing away in her office, you can find her biking with her daughter or painting her next masterpiece while watching the squirrels.