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Considering Adoption in Arizona? What you Need to Know about Adoptees

By Rachel Smith

Adoptees are children raised by adoptive families in the adoptive process. They can range in age and adoption situations. Birth mothers thinking of adoption may have a few questions about adoptees. How will giving my baby up for adoption impact my baby? When can I consider putting my baby up for adoption? Adoption Choices of Arizona is familiar with many of these questions and can provide the answers and support.

The adoption agency in Arizona helps newborn, and infant adoptees find loving homes. If you have any specific questions or are considering adoption, contact an adoption agency near you as soon as possible. Here are a few general answers to birth moms’ questions about adoptees. 

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How are Adoptees Raised?

Adoptees are raised by loving families from our Arizona agency that are ready to raise your child as their own. Adopting a child in Arizona is for the truly dedicated, and our families are that and more. These families are screened for financial stability, background, and abuse signs. The houses undergo intense home studies and are fully prepared to provide for the adoptee. While birth moms are placing baby for adoption, they still play a part in raising their child.

As the center is a private adoption agency, birth parents get to decide which family to place the adoptee with. There are families from various religious beliefs, backgrounds, sizes, and values. Birth parents choose which adoptive family will parent the adoptee and teach them these shared values. Our counselors will walk you through these choices and allow you to choose. Though birth parents can pick a family, each loving family can provide quality care for any adoptee.  

Birth parents can also play a role in their child’s life if they wish. If they choose an open adoption, they can directly contact the adoptive family. They can schedule meetings, deliver cards and gifts, and send pictures directly to the adoptive family. If birth parents do not wish to maintain a relationship with the adoptive family, semi-open adoptions are available. These adoptions allow birth parents to communicate strictly with the adoptee through the agency. Closed adoptions with no communication are also available. Birth parents have many choices when it comes to how their children will be raised.

Do Adoptees Need to be Newborns? 

No! Adoptees do not need to be newborns. It is possible to adopt after birth! Adoption Choices of Arizona specializes in both infant and newborn private adoption. Our Arizona adoption agency provides for and supports birth mothers and adoptees from all different situations. We understand that birth mothers may not want or be ready for a baby.

Birth mothers may struggle with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. Birth mothers may find themselves overwhelmed after birth. Whatever the case, Adoption Choices of Arizona understands. Our adoption agencies in Arizona do not judge and are ready to help you. If you are considering adoption in Arizona, contact our Washoe county adoption agency as soon as possible. 

Am I Abandoning the Adoptee by Choosing Adoption?

It is important to note that an adoption is an act of love. In many cases, even through its difficulties, the adoption process benefits everyone involved. This includes the adoptee. These children receive families that will treasure them and provide safe and financially-sound environments. By courageously choosing adoption, birth mothers are giving adoptees a chance to thrive in a caring environment. Adoption is not abandonment. Depending on the type of adoption in your adoption plan, it’s not always the end of your parent-child relationship either. 

Help for Arizona Birth Families

Whether your child has arrived or is still in the womb, Adoption Choices of Arizona provides support. The agency counselors work with birth moms on an individual basis to personalize their adoption plans, and best meet their needs. Our centers offer financial assistance in the form of rent payments, groceries, and clothing to help struggling birth moms. Birth mothers dealing with unexpected pregnancies can also receive shelter if they wish to keep it a secret.

Our Arizona agency can cover medical bills relating to your pregnancy. This includes prenatal care, which promotes safe pregnancies and healthy fetal development. Adoption Choices of Arizona also provides counseling, as we value the mental well-being of birth moms. Mental wellness is as important for moms as it is for adoptees. We provide counseling during the adoption process, before labor, and after adoptee placement. 

Adoptees may range in age, background, and situation–but they all receive dedicated adoptive families in the end. The supportive Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to help you every step of the way. Our adoption agency is committed to finding the perfect home for our Arizona adoptees. If you are considering baby adoption in Arizona, contact an adoption agency near you. 

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call us at or text us at 602-922-0408 . If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!