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4 Common Adoption Misconceptions about Birth Mothers

By Shannon Reilly

Here at Adoption Choices of Arizona, we have options for anyone looking for adoption agencies in Arizona. While our primary purpose is to find your unplanned child a loving home, we will discuss all of your options with you, from parenting your child to terminating your pregnancy or Putting a child up for adoption. When thinking about adoption, we have a few different Pregnant adoption options. There is the choice of what type of adoption you would like to move forward with. There is open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. While considering any kind of adoption, there are things to think about, and you may be wondering what people will think of you if you choose adoption. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about birth mothers, no matter what adoption you decide to go with. Below are four common adoption misconceptions and why they are simply not true. 

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Myth 1: Birth Mothers Do Not Love Their Child

This is one of the biggest myths about birth mothers when they decide to place a baby for adoption. People assume that choosing not to parent your child means you must not love them, but you may simply love them even more. If you are in a position where you cannot give your child the kind of life you think they deserve, or even if you are just not ready to be a parent, choosing life for your child through adoption is so loving. Despite how hard this choice is, you decide to give your child a better life because you love them. 

Myth 2: Birth Mothers are Unstable Beings

This second misconception stems from people assuming that if a birth mother is deciding to give up her child for adoption, she must be a teenager or struggling with some type of addiction, or just unstable in some way or another. This is entirely untrue, as many birth mothers are not ready for parenthood. You may still be in school or trying to better your own life in another way before deciding to have children. Birth mothers come from different backgrounds, and you may even have a steady support system and life. 

Myth 3: Birth Mothers Make the Choice of Adoption Alone

There is also the misconception that birth mothers are alone in life, and that is why they decide what pregnant adoption options are the best choice for themselves and their child. This is not always true, and you may have a loving family of your own who supports your decision for adoption. As stated before, many birth mothers have a steady support system. 

Myth 4: Birth mothers Never See their Child Again After Finalization of Adoption

This is also another big myth that many people assume. It depends on what kind of adoption you choose to move forward with and whether or not your child wants to meet you after they turn eighteen. In an open adoption, you will contact the family and the child directly after the adoption is finalized. Even if you do not go the route of open adoption, your child can look you up once they are of legal age to decide on the matter. 

How Adoption Choices of Arizona can Help You with Common Adoption Misconceptions

Now that you have read about your unplanned pregnancy options and the misconceptions about birth mothers, please contact us. Our team is here to guide you in whichever direction you think is best for you and your child. People assume many things about birth mothers, but you just have to remember who you are and how you want a better life for yourself and your child. Our contact information is listed below.

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