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Closed Adoption is an Option

By Syd Sukalski

While many of our conversations revolve around choosing openness in adoption, we want you to know that a closed adoption is also an option. A closed adoption is a type of adoption that does not allow for contact between birth parents and prospective adoptive families during or after the adoption process. Thus, the adoption process is confidential, and neither birth nor adoptive families receive personal information on the other party. This type of adoption also prevents contact between the birth parents and the child they place for adoption.

Why might a birth mother choose this type of adoption if she knows she will not get to stay in contact with her child? This question has a complex, personal, and unique answer for every woman who chooses closed adoption. Placing your baby for adoption can be a difficult and overwhelming decision. It is very personal for a woman. After placing your baby for adoption in Yuma, you may harbor feelings of loss and guilt. But remember, choosing to place a baby for adoption is a noble, generous act. You create a family and give your birth child new opportunities. In this article, we will discuss why a birth mother might choose a closed adoption. 

But first, let us introduce ourselves.

Adoption Choices of Arizona wants to offer you adoption help. We will work with you on your adoption plan and inform you of your options. We orchestrate private adoption in Arizona, which means you control your adoption plan and your birth child’s future. If you are considering adoption in Chandler or adoption in Yuma, check out our website or give us a call for adoption help today.

Now, let’s discuss why a birth mother might choose a closed adoption in Chandler.

Adoption in Arizona Can Be Stressful

A birth mother may be unable to cope with the exhausting roller coaster of emotions that accompanies the adoption process in Arizona. She may give all her mental and emotional strength just to make it through an ordinary day. Maybe she is not ready for the responsibility or emotional complexity that can accompany contacting her birth child. 

Disconnect With Your Adoptive Family in Arizona

It’s an uncommon occurrence since the birth mother chooses the adoptive family, but relationships between them can dissipate over time. There may also be a physical distance between the birth mother and adoptive family. If the family moves far away, it might become difficult to maintain that long-distance relationship.

A Closed Adoption Plan Might Mean a Fresh Start

Sometimes, a birth mother deals with an unhealthy lifestyle or other difficult situations. She may suffer from depression or low self-esteem. Maybe she is in prison or managing an addiction. She may also be in an abusive relationship and not want to subject her child to that. A birth mother in these scenarios might choose a closed adoption to give herself and her child a fresh start.

Sometimes A Birth Mother Just Sticks to the Adoption Plan

Perhaps when she began the adoption process, the birth mother decided a closed adoption was the best option. Later, she might change her mind, and even though she feels like a closed adoption may not be right for her anymore, she sticks to the adoption plan. Or maybe it happens the other way around. A birth mother might choose an open adoption but find later she would prefer a closed adoption. This change is okay, and adoption families and relationships will often shift throughout the process.

The Circumstances Surrounding Her Arizona Adoption

There are several reasons a woman may decide to place her child for adoption. Perhaps a birth mother conceives her child due to a rape or abusive relationship. As a result, she may choose not to have contact with her child. When a birth mother doesn’t want contact with her child, we don’t want to assume she is selfish or heartless. Too much stigma and disregard surround the birth mother. We want her to know she is generous and she is not alone. Every adoption story is unique, and whether a birth mother chooses open or closed adoption, she will always play an integral role in the adoption process.

Adoption Choices of Arizona encourages open communication between birth parents and adoptive families. Studies show that open adoption is advantageous for all. However, there are still advantages to a closed adoption for birth parents, the adoptive family, and the child. 

Advantages of a Closed Adoption Plan for Birth Parents

The closed adoption experience can vary depending on individual circumstances. Potential advantages of closed adoption include,

  • Sense of closure – Some birth mothers and birth families report that having a closed adoption provided a sense of closure that enabled them to move on with their lives.
  • Privacy– For people who feel threatened and vulnerable by their decision to place a child for adoption, a closed adoption can offer greater privacy.
  • Reduced fear – For birth mothers concerned about explaining their decision to others, a closed adoption can offer a way to avoid confrontation.

Advantages of a Closed Adoption Plan for the Adoptive Family

The closed adoption experience can vary from one adoptive family to another. For adoptive families, potential advantages include,

  • Family Freedom – When birth families are not involved, adoptive families feel free to enjoy their time together without the potential complications associated with an outside intrusion.
  • Absence of fuzzy boundaries – Eliminates the risk of complications that can arise from birth parent interference or co-parenting concerns.

Advantages of a Closed Adoption Plan for the Adopted Child

The closed adoption experience can vary from one child to another. For the adopted child, potential advantages include,

  • Absence of fuzzy boundaries – Eliminates the risk of complications that can arise from birth parent interference or co-parenting concerns.
  • Protection from unstable birth families – Offers the adopted child protection from unstable or emotionally disturbed birth parents or birth family members.

The closed adoption experience tends to vary for each adoption. In a closed adoption, though communication between the birth and adoptive families occurs through an Arizona adoption agency or adoption attorney, it continues to be a vital factor in the adoption process. As communication about everyone’s expectations improves, everyone involved will continue to feel more comfortable throughout the adoption process.

Adoption Choices of Arizona encourages open communication between birth parents and adoptive families but also recognizes semi-open and closed adoptions as extremely valid options.