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Choosing an Open Adoption as a Birth Father

By Samantha Garcia

Open adoption is when the birth parents of an adopted baby stay in contact with the adoptive parents after placement. While levels of contact may vary, this option among the birth family is becoming quite popular. This method allows the birth family to maintain a connection with their child at varying levels, with varying boundaries. The birth father’s support in the open adoption process comes from his activeness and communication. The birth father’s role in the open adoption process is important, but that doesn’t mean open adoption comes without possible challenges. 

The Levels of Open Adoption in Arizona

Here, we will give you the common pros and cons of placing your baby for adoption in Arizona and opting for open adoption. There are two options of open adoption, one being the full open adoption. The second is a semi-open adoption. Each comes with its levels of boundaries set together by the adoptive family and the birth family. We at Adoption Choices of Arizona will give you the resources you need to succeed in a positive open adoption.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Arizona

The reason open adoption is becoming the preferred method of the adoption process is because of all its benefits. Open adoption benefits the birth family and the adoptive family. Although, there are many decisions to make, hence the importance of an active birth father during this process. 

Some pros of open adoption are:

Your baby will have a sense of cultural place

This is important as many children tend to question themselves and their identity when they don’t know about where they come from culturally. Open adoption can fulfill this need in a child. Both the birth father and mother can educate, inform, and teach cultural traditions to their birth child, supporting the child’s identity and confidence. 

You can watch them grow up

When placing your baby for adoption, you can watch them develop into a productive successful adult. You would be informed, know of their well-being, and see their accomplishments. This is beneficial for the birth parents as it gives a sense of accomplishment and ease that your child is doing well. It helps to know as the birth parents, you made a good decision even if it was a hard one.

No guilt of abandonment

Some adoptive parents in closed adoptions feel guilty or ashamed because they feel as if they have abandoned their baby. Open adoption provides contact and communication to lessen the feeling of abandonment. The missing father trope would not exist in this situation as the birth father would be invested in his child’s well-being through open adoption. His presence during open adoption continues to provide support to the birth mother, the adoptive parents, and to his child. 

Medical knowledge for the adopted child

In cases of emergency, open adoption provides contact information to the birth parents for the child’s health. The adoption process, whether in a planned or unplanned pregnancy, can be a confusing process. Having access to the birth father and birth mother can provide any missed medical information to prevent or treat any possible illness of the adoptive child. 

The Challenges of Open Adoption in Arizona

Coming to an agreement with one person can be difficult, but imagine coming to an agreement with four people. Four people agreeing can be difficult, but it’s important to remember in this scenario that it’s the child’s best interests being fought for. The birth father and the birth mother should recognize the benefits of open communication and flexibility during open adoption. The birth father has just an equal role as the birth mother in the decision-making of levels of openness and boundaries after placement. We will list some challenges of open adoption as well as how the birth father’s role can help overcome these challenges. 

Agreeing on levels of openness and communication

The adoptive parents may want a different level of openness and communication than the birth parents. Having the birth father present during the baby’s adoption can make decision-making easier. The birth parents communicating and agreeing first on the level of openness and communication for their open adoption can create clarity and unity. 

Abuse of open adoption agreement

The adoptive family may abuse the agreement of openness, boundaries, and communication allowed. Having the birth father there to help guide the birth family and adoptive family relationships can prevent this sort of abuse. He can also offer support and confidence in solving issues like this if they happen. 

Halting of adoption.

The adoptive family may decide they do not agree with the openness, communication, and boundaries set by the birth family. The birth father being present can console the birth mother and start to guide the adoption process again. Rather than staying in shambles and confusion from the halting of the adoption, he would find adoption help

The Arizona Open Adoption Process with the Birth Father

Two is always better than one, especially in this important decision of placing your baby for adoption. The presence and activeness in the open adoption process truly make a difference in each party involved. He can be a part of the boundary agreements such as bi-weekly or monthly calls, weekly or monthly in-person visits, and so on. He can be confident and give confidence in the decision to choose a perfect adoption agency in Arizona. We suggest finding healthy boundaries for open adoption relationships. Some boundaries include clear and open communication between the birth parents and the adoptive parents.

We also suggest overall respect for the birth parents and the adoptive parents. The adoption process is a sensitive and important process. Keeping in mind that all parties want the best for your child can help you respect their thought process and respond clearly and kindly. The wellness of the child is the main concern in most conversations if not all.

Respecting boundaries set in place can also lead to a continuous, successful, open adoption process. If you are considering putting your child up for adoption or are pregnant, please feel free to contact us at Adoption Choices of Arizona. We are one of Arizona’s adoption agencies. We would love to answer your questions about adoption, open adoption, and the importance of the birth father in the adoption process.