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Choosing Adoption When Pregnant and in a Bad Relationship

By: Melissa Camacho 

You are a birth mother in Arizona who is placing your baby for adoption while experiencing an abusive relationship. You are not alone with our adoption agencies in Arizona. It’s not easy to pursue adoption while trying to keep your baby safe from harm. However, we accommodate all birth moms seeking adoption in Arizona regardless of differences, hardships, or challenges. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, each person’s adoption journey is unique, and we are always here to help you.

 Our adoption team works hand in hand to combat and reduce potential risks of threats or any harm toward our birth mothers. It’s ok to be afraid and feel you need time. You need all the information and resources you can get before making any decisions. We are here to guide you in taking safety measures while creating an adoption plan that works for you and your baby.

Birth Father’s Paternity Rights and How His Rights Can be Revoked 

We understand how traumatizing and uncomfortable it can be thinking an abusive birth father can take custody of your child. Our adoption professionals will see to it that you and your child are safe. The birth father is entitled to paternity rights if:

  • He is married to the birth mother in ten months leading up to childbirth, and
  • If he is proven to share ninety-five percent of your child’s paternity through a paternity test or signed legal documents that claim his paternity rights

However, if he is proven to be either mentally, physically, or sexually abusive, then his rights can be removed. For more information on how the birth father can be reported and investigated, speak to your adoption specialist or an attorney.

Ways to Seek Protection When Choosing Adoption When Pregnant and in a Bad Relationship

Before looking into your adoption resources with adoption in Arizona, it would be more helpful to seek protection. It’s our privilege to help you know your rights and ride safely throughout your adoption journey. You can view domestic violence resources available at the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence site. To speak with a domestic violence representative, contact Arizona’s 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline or National Domestic Violence Hotline & Chat Line at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

You can also call 911 to speak to an operator to report any type of abuse or domestic violence. If you are not in a private, safe place while conversing with the operator, try to use language codes. For example, you can say, I need food delivered to my home address asap. Language codes will be used to identify the issue you are reporting rather than specifically stating the exact words or phrases.

If possible, seek advice from someone you know and trust, or if you know places where you can go and be safe, feel free to do so. When you contact a private adoption agency in Arizona, you can request to speak to a caseworker. A caseworker can connect you with a legal representative to help you place a restraining order.

Creating an Adoption Plan with Our Adoption Agencies in Arizona 

Putting up your child for adoption is a process that takes a lot of time and thought. With a private adoption agency in Arizona, you have so many advantages. It’s up to you to decide which services work best for you. We will not criticize your decisions in the adoption process. Our goal is to help you rather understand the process of creating a suitable and flexible adoption plan. We specialize in pregnant moms and birth family adoption services.

First, you will want to go online and search for adoption agencies near me. 

Contact one of our adoption agencies in Arizona to speak with an adoption specialist. You will meet one-on-one to explore and discuss your adoption options. This is a crucial opportunity to decide on the open level of adoption you prefer: open adoption, semi-adoption, or closed adoption. Open adoption allows you to choose the family that adopts your baby. With open adoption, you can have as much contact with the adoptive family through the mail, social media, and family visits.

 A semi-adoption adoption allows communication to some degree. The adoptive family can share photos or updated information on your child’s progress. However, communication is secured through a third party or adoption agency. If you prefer not to have any communication with the adoptive family after the adoption is finalized, you can choose a closed adoption. 

To further assist you with your needs in managing your pregnancy, you can apply for financial assistance. Our financial assistance services can help you pay for monthly expenses, such as utilities, transportation, food, maternity clothing, housing, and medical. In addition, if you need to find a safe home to stay in, our adoption team can help you search for affordable housing.

Feel Free to Get Emotional Help with Our Support Counseling Services 

It’s common for many birth mothers to go through trauma, stress, and anxiety through the adoption process. This is why we offer support counseling for birth mothers who want to find therapeutic ways to cope with their mental health. We cover topics related to domestic violence, balancing work or school activities while pregnant, and how to place your baby for adoption. In addition, you may qualify for extended counseling and financial assistance through our Post-Placement support services. Post-Placement support is available after your adoption is finalized and extended up to six weeks to give you more time to recover.

We Can Help You Look for an Adoptive Family of Your Choice 

There is always a family waiting to love your child. We have a list of waiting families in Arizona where you can view information about their identity, culture, background, etc. As part of your adoption plan, a caseworker will conduct a home study to investigate the family’s background and schedule face-to-face interviews. The home study will ensure the adoptive family is suited to raise your child in a safe and loving home environment.

Choosing Adoption When Pregnant and in a Bad Relationship,Our Adoption Support System can Help Ease Your Adoption Journey

Choosing adoption in Arizona is a great option if you decide it’s not the right time for parenting. We are a highly compassionate and flexible adoption agency that supports your rights as a birth mother. Adoption is not only a loving commitment to children in today’s society but also a peaceful one. To learn more about our adoption options, reach out to our adoption agencies in Arizona today.

We uplift our birth mothers to discover hope through our adoption services or to begin your adoption journey. Birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead visit us here!