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Choosing Adoption for the Second or Third Time

As a woman who has already placed a child for adoption previously, you’re pregnant again and trying to figure out what you want to do. We at Adoption Choices of Arizona know you have many options, but we want to remind you to always do what you’re most comfortable with. Here is why adoption should be your first choice:

You already know what to expect

Most people who consider adoption tend to be nervous because it’s a lengthy process, and they may not feel fully prepared. However, you’ve been there and done that. You’ll most likely already have all the required documents ready to go and be fully confident in what plan you want to undertake. This time around, you can approach it with less strain and more reassurance of what to expect.

We will always try to place siblings together

At Adoption Choices, we do whatever we can to keep siblings together. It’s not always possible to place siblings with the same family, but we always try. If you’re family-oriented and keeping close family ties is important to you, that will remain secure with adoption. The children won’t have to ponder any of the what ifs with their siblings by their side, and you won’t have to either.

It’s beneficial all-around

You don’t need someone to tell you the benefits of adoption since you’ve already seen them for yourself. However, a few reminders never hurt anyone. While you’re gifting a deserving individual or couple with a child, you’re also refraining from the financial and physical harm of abortion. Abortions can cost several hundreds of dollars, and they can result in serious side effects, including bleeding, fatigue, and more. If you’re worried about these types of procedures, remember that adoption does no bodily harm.

It’s always safe to choose an option you have real-life experience with. Adoption is a choice you can always be confident in, and we would be happy to help you with your second, third, and any time after that.

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