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Choosing a Single Arizona Woman to Adopt My Baby

By Elle Kerrigan

One of the most exciting steps in the adoption process is choosing the adoptive parent. If you decide to be involved in this step, you may feel conflicted about your options. This is understandable; there are many waiting families and individuals to pick from. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we complete background checks on everyone who applies to adopt. We are a local, private agency with compassionate adoption specialists ready to help. An option you can look into is placing your baby for adoption by a single woman. Our adoption specilist can help you begin this process and choose someone that is right for you. There are many reasons a birth mother might choose a single woman to adopt their child. Keep reading for some things to consider when making your decision!

Single Women Deserve to Have Children Too

Just like couples, single women struggle with fertility, loss, or other issues surrounding pregnancy. There is no reason why someone without a partner should not be able to fulfill their dream of having a child. By choosing a single woman, you would be helping them achieve this goal. Some women simply do not want to raise a child with another person. That is perfectly okay and should not stop them from adopting. Whatever the reason is, we want to rid the stigma behind single women raising children at Adoption Choices of Arizona.

Single Mothers are Just as Capable, Responsible, and Loving as a Two-Parent Household

There is no research supporting the idea that single women are inadequate parents. If you choose a single woman when giving up a child for adoption, you should not feel worried that they will not be a good parent just because they are single. A mother on her own can provide just as much love as a woman with a partner. 

With a Single Parent, My Child is Less Likely to be Exposed to an Unhealthy Relationship 

Children must grow up in a stable environment. It should be considered that a two-parent household does not always provide this. Sometimes, the relationship between two parents is what causes stress in a child. This can be due to fighting, violence, or overall tension. Children are aware of these feelings, and this can have a lasting effect on them. A single-parent household is less likely to have these issues consistently. This may be a factor to consider when creating your adoption plan

Single Parent Can Provide Undivided Attention to My Baby

Many birth mothers choose single women for adoption in Arizona for this reason. Often, single mothers choose adoption after they have finished school and are already established in their careers. This is because they are choosing the time to have their baby. It makes sense that they would choose a time when they feel the most prepared. Being single has its advantages in parenthood, such as being able to focus 100% on your child. A single mother will be totally involved in developing a close relationship with the baby. This can lead to a great parent-child relationship. 

Choosing a Single Woman for Adoption in Arizona is an Option

Many birth mothers do not even know that choosing a single woman to adopt their child is an option. It definitely is, and it can be a great choice for many. Adoption Choices of Arizona works with many single mothers – both birth mothers and adoptive mothers. We’ve been helping since 2011, and it’s our goal to provide great care. We hope that we helped you see that single women deserve to be considered just as much as couples in the adoption process. If you are in Arizona and want to learn more about adoption, contact us at any time.