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Choosing a Single Man to Adopt My Baby in Arizona

By Charley Lustig

Adoption Choices of Arizona is not like any other adoption agency. While other agencies may only focus on your baby, we prioritize the freedom and well-being of both the birth mother and child. One of the many benefits of choosing adoption with Adoption Choices of Arizona is the say in who your child’s adoptive family will be. 

As exciting and rewarding as it is to decide your baby’s adoptive parents, it can be an overwhelming task. Many questions may run through your head at this time. What are your options? How do you know they will be a good fit? These are all important things to consider when evaluating adoptive families. 

When placing your baby for adoption through our adoption agencies in Arizona, your adoption specialist will lead the adoption process. This includes providing numerous potential adoptive family profiles to birth mothers. If birth mothers still are unsure about the presented prospects, our adoption specialists will be sure to find more screened profiles! 

There are so many different families that have the potential to be a perfect match for your baby. One underrepresented option for birth mothers is single men. These determined-to-be adoptive fathers are those hard-working individuals that share that desire to become a dad. While they may not have found the right partner in life, they have not let them stop them from their dream of raising a child. 

Many are unfamiliar with the option of choosing a single man to adopt their baby. Allow us to give you five benefits of single adoptive fathers! 

1. Capabilities of Providing Financially as a Single Adoptive Parent

Although living an isolated lifestyle may not have been their first choice, it does come with some pros. This solitude and productive life allow single men a greater opportunity to grow in their careers. They are able to become more successful in their career path and, therefore, more financially stable. This security can bring you a sense of peace, knowing that your child will be provided for. A single adoptive father can match your child’s needs as well as offer many opportunities. This nonstressful environment will open many doors, from education to sports and other fun openings. 

2. No Damage from Potential Divorce During or After the Adoption

Unfortunately, many children face trauma from witnessing a divorce. This can increase their chances of suffering from depression and anxiety. It can also lead to struggles with school or future romantic relationships. By choosing a single man to adopt your baby, they will not only be saved from the dangers of divorce. Your child will have an amazing role model who displays independence and self-worth. The individualistic culture will incorporate positive values and promote self-confidence. Pressures of marriage or being in the crossfires of divorce will have little to no impact on them. You will have placed your child in a safe and flourishing atmosphere. 

3. Undivided Attention and Constant Love from Their Adoptive Father

One of the best aspects of choosing a single adoptive father is the round-the-clock care. Without the competition for their parent’s attention, your baby will always be shown they are a priority and are loved. It can be hard for a child to get that bonding time if their parent is distracted with romantic relationships or other children. Juggling so many demanding responsibilities can be a struggle for anyone. By choosing a single man, your child won’t have to fight for the love and time they deserve. They will be given it all and more. 

4. An Adoptive Father Might be In-Tune with their Sensitive and Emotional Sides

Our society has been positively evolving towards removing the stigma from gender stereotypes. Men are now able to freely express those more tender traits that they may have been forced to hide. The absence of a mother figure is now not such a shadowing issue. These fathers can encase all characteristics that a typical mother and father would present. They can be the one your child runs to when they get hurt and the firm hand when they need guidance. Your child will be in a home where there are no conflicting parenting styles as well. Choosing a single man to become a father is a beautiful opportunity for both him and your baby. 

5. Other Possible Female Roles and Involvement

Placing your baby under the care of a single man does not mean your child will not know the female presence. It is important for your child to know the power and drive of women like yourself. Your child can easily learn this in creating relationships with their adoptive grandmother, aunts, and other family members. In addition, with Adoption Choices of Arizona, you can create an adoption plan that allows you to be in your child’s future. All in all, there is plenty of opportunity for your child to know the strength of women. Your child will be well versed in their understanding of both genders in their single-father household. 

Find Single Adoptive Fathers with Adoption Choices in Arizona

Placing your baby for adoption may be the biggest decision you make. It is important to explore and understand all potential adoptive families out there. Make an effort to have that peace in knowing you made the right choice for your child. You do not have to find unplanned pregnancy help alone. Our adoption agencies in Arizona want to be there for you and provide you with all the best options possible. Reach out to our adoption agencies near you to find out more and begin your adoption journey!