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Celebrating Mothers and Birth Mothers

By Hannah Bayly

As May rolls around each year, you are likely reminded that Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. National Mother’s Day, celebrated on the second Sunday in May each year, is an occasion for love and appreciation. On this holiday, we focus on the women who raised us and show appreciation for all that they do. Celebrating Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to express gratitude, as mothers make many sacrifices for their children. 

National Mother’s Day tends to primarily focus on mothers who are actively parenting. If you are placing your baby for adoption, you may feel excluded or overlooked on this holiday. You may feel that this holiday isn’t inclusive of you. That is exactly why Birth Mother’s Day was established. This holiday, celebrated on the second Saturday in May each year, celebrates birth mothers around the country. If you are choosing adoption in Arizona, this holiday celebrates you and your important role in your baby’s life. 

What is Birth Mother’s Day?

Birth Mother’s Day is celebrated the weekend before National Mother’s Day – on the second Saturday in May each year. This holiday was established in 1990 by a woman named Mary Jean Wolch-Marsh. The purpose of Birth Mother’s Day is to shine a light on women who have shown strength by choosing adoption. National Mother’s Day can sometimes overlook women who have chosen adoption for their baby. This day aims to remedy that by celebrating birth mothers in a positive, uplifting way. Going through the adoption process in Arizona can feel overwhelming, so having a day to focus on yourself is important.

Birth Mother’s Day was not created to compete with National Mother’s Day. The two holidays celebrate slightly different groups of mothers. The purpose of this is not to place importance on one “kind” of mother over the other. In contrast, the holiday was established to ensure that all kinds of mothers are recognized and celebrated. When importance is placed on both holidays, all kinds of mothers receive the recognition and support they deserve.

How Can I Celebrate Birth Mother’s Day?

If you are a birth mother, you may be wondering how you can celebrate Birth Mother’s Day. Like National Mother’s Day, this day is about celebrating you and all you’ve done for your child! You might be excited to celebrate Birth Mother’s Day, as it is a day to recognize your strength and bravery. Alternatively, you might find that celebrating Birth Mother’s Day is difficult and brings up a lot of emotions. If you are struggling, finding one small way to celebrate yourself can be empowering and uplifting.

Here are some ways to celebrate Birth Mother’s Day:

  • Get together with friends or loved ones. Having people around you from your support system can feel comforting whether you’re celebrating or just need some extra support.
  • Treat yourself to something small, like a nice coffee or a fresh pastry. This is a lowkey and easy way to bring a little joy into your day.
  • Arrange a phone call or video chat with your child and their adoptive parent(s).
  • Engage with a support group. There are likely local programs for pregnant mothers or groups for women who have chosen adoption.
  • Take some quiet time for yourself. This might include journaling, reading, baking, or another relaxing activity.
  • Do something you enjoy, whether that’s watching a favorite movie, practicing a hobby, or anything else that you enjoy doing.

If you need additional support around these holidays, you are not alone. Choosing adoption can be an emotional process, even after your child goes home with their adoptive parents. Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day may remind you of these emotions. Many adoption agencies, including Adoption Choices of Arizona, offer resources and support that can help. Whether you utilize a support group or speak one-on-one with someone, it can be a great relief.

Finding Support with Adoption Choices of Arizona

Maybe you’ve already gone through the adoption process, or perhaps you’ve been searching for “adoption agencies near me.” No matter where you are in your journey, it can feel lonely to experience Mother’s Day while choosing adoption. As a birth mother, you may feel that your experience of bringing a child into the world is overlooked. However, choosing adoption in Arizona is not a choice that excludes you from celebrating your journey through motherhood. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we know that motherhood does not look the same for everyone. We hope that you find a special way to celebrate yourself on Birth Mother’s Day because you deserve it. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or find yourself searching for “adoption help” or “pregnancy help,” we can help! Adoption Choices of Arizona is a private, licensed, local adoption agency. We can offer you resources such as financial assistance, counseling, and more. If you’re looking to learn more about your options, we can be reached by phone, email, or text.