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Celebrating Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day

By Patricia Arce

As a biological father, an unplanned pregnancy can change the course of your life. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we aim to make that experience easier. As a private adoption agency licensed by the State of Arizona, we want you to view your choice of placing your baby for adoption positively. As we approach Father’s Day, you might feel disconnected from fatherhood. You might question your role in adoption. You might be finding it hard to navigate your emotions. However, all those feelings are normal. You can find the answers to those lingering questions with us. We want to help you celebrate your role in your child’s life by embracing Birth Father’s Day. Birth Father’s Day comes a day before Father’s Day and is a time to recognize the selfless act of birth fathers who choose adoption. 

The Bittersweet Emotions of Birth Fathers on Father’s Day

After you place your baby for adoption, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed when Father’s Day comes along. It is understandable to feel like you do not have a place on that day, but that is simply untrue. As a birth father, you have a vital role in your child’s life when you choose adoption. You make that decision with fatherly love. Once you can recognize your sacrifice, you will be able to embrace all the aspects of Father’s Day. It can be a cherished day for you to remember your role in your adoptive child’s life. However, there is a day that is less known. Birth Father’s Day, in a similar way to Birth Mother’s Day, happens the Saturday before Father’s Day. It is a day just for birth fathers. It celebrates their love and sacrifice and is as important and unique as Father’s Day.

Celebrating Birth Father’s Day

Baby adoption will make you a birth father, and you may feel like that doesn’t deserve recognition. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we want to help you create new traditions that reflect your relationship with birth fatherhood. Birth Father’s Day is unique. So, it should be celebrated as uniquely as you see fit. Your traditions should cater to you. If you have chosen an open adoption, then your day may involve your adoptive family. If you have chosen a closed adoption, then you may decide to seek community in other birth fathers. How you celebrate is up to you, but we recommend you consider:

  • Discussing your adoption story. Whether you are grieving or celebrating on Birth Father’s Day, openly speaking about your experience can be a great way to embrace your birth fatherhood. You can talk to family members, your birth mother, or other birth fathers.
  • Writing a letter. You can write letters to your child’s birth mother or your adoptive child. A letter is a great way to remind someone that you are thinking of them and appreciate the love and sacrifice they have displayed in your life. You can express solidarity and respect.
  • Doing service in their honor. While you are not in your adoptive child’s day-to-day life, you can still show that you cherish them and their adoptive parents by doing something kind. You can volunteer to pass on the love you shared with your adoptive family. You can plant a tree in their honor. You can show someone you love the same appreciation. Ultimately, Birth Father’s Day is a day to recognize your love and sacrifice, and you can share that with others.

Respecting Your Adoptive Family

If you are finding it difficult to see the harmony between Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day, you should remember the respect you have for your adoptive family. The role they have in your adoptive child’s life is important and beautiful. They deserve your regard as well. When working through a ​​​​​​baby adoption, many challenges and questions can arise. If you find yourself actively selecting the adoptive family, you can sooner grow to admire them, as much as they admire you. You can recognize and appreciate the love, support, and care they provide by the way you choose to celebrate Birth Father’s Day. Your act of honor to their commitment and your strength in your choices can make your experience more harmonious.

Resources and Support for Birth Fathers

One great way to celebrate Birth Father’s Day is by seeking support. You can look for support groups in your area or you can find solace in someone you already know. However, there are many adoption agencies in Arizona. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we can offer you a stable, nurturing, and supportive environment, while assisting you with the adoption process. Contact our team today. Your voice and strength are just as important throughout the adoption. Adoption help is not as far as you think it is. We want to help you honor yourself as a birth father.

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As a private adoption agency licensed by the State of Arizona, Adoption Choices of Arizona wants you, as a birth father, to feel seen. As we approach Father’s Day on Saturday, June 15, 2024, you should feel connected to your birth fatherhood. You can embrace your role in adoption. You can find healthy ways to navigate your emotions. We want to celebrate with you. Your role in your adoptive child’s life is important, and by embracing Birth Father’s Day, you can recognize your selfless act.