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Celebrating Adoption During National Adoption Month 

By Megan Kostraba 

Adoption has been and continues to be, a wonderful option for birth parents around the world. Placing a baby for adoption is a challenge that is difficult to face, but the outcome is worth it in the end. For both the child and the birth parents, adoption can provide new opportunities and chances that help both parties face a new chapter in life. 

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we celebrate adoption! We want birth mothers to feel encouraged, confident, and secure in their choice to place their baby up for adoption. We understand that not every family looks alike and that unplanned pregnancies happen to many women every day. Every birth mother experiences a unique adoption process and makes different decisions. There is no universal path when it comes to adoption—the process that follows is entirely up to the birth mother. 

When it comes to choosing adoption, it’s a very personal choice. How we can help, however, is with guidance and encouragement. No birth mother needs to feel alone on her adoption journey—we want to help! Let’s discuss adoption and how you might follow the adoption process. 

What is Adoption?

Adoption is a selfless choice that many birth mothers choose to make for themselves and their child. It is a process in which a child is not raised with their birth parents but with an adoptive family that that child’s birth mother chooses. The child becomes a legal member of the adoptive family, and there is a legal agreement that the adoptive family now has custody of that child.

Adoption is easily seen as intimidating, especially when it comes to the legalities. It can be scary to make a definite, legal agreement regarding your child’s well-being. This is why adoption can be a difficult concept to grasp, especially for a birth mother. Adoption was known to be a taboo subject for a long, long time. Even the word “adoption” had a negative connotation, being something that people believed must be kept a secret. Some people still believe in common misconceptions, which adoption agencies and birth mothers are dispelling. In our modern-day world, adoption is now a commonly accepted concept and one that birth mothers no longer have to hide. 

Choosing adoption is choosing all of the feelings and emotions that will eventually follow. It means choosing your baby over yourself, as a birth mother has to disregard her own wants, wishes, and dreams in order to provide for her child. This is why adoption is overall a selfless act. Accepting that you might not be able to provide all of the opportunities you want your child to have is one of the most difficult things to comprehend. Adoption is no easy act, but it does have a wonderful outcome that is worth it for all parties. 

Benefits of Choosing Adoption 

When you choose to work alongside an adoption agency during your adoption journey, you’ll find a number of services that we can provide for you. Our adoption agencies in Arizona care deeply about every birth mother who walks through our doors. We want to help you during your adoption because we understand that every birth mother is facing a different situation. Some birth mothers have unsupportive families or come from abusive relationships. Choosing adoption during these situations can be extremely hard to navigate. 

Our adoption agencies in Arizona can provide a number of services that include: 

  • Financial assistance for:
    • Groceries 
    • Rent and utilities 
    • Maternity clothing 
    • Phone services 
  • Housing and Transportation 
  • Medical care 
  • Adoption counseling and support 

We understand that you may need assistance during your adoption process. With your adoption specialist, you can talk about your eligibility for some of these services! 

Another benefit of choosing to work with a private Arizona adoption agency is that your adoption will be guided by one of our professional adoption specialists. An adoption specialist essentially helps navigate a birth mother on her adoption journey. A specialist can lay out all your options in front of you and help you determine if adoption is the right choice for you and your child. 

Choosing adoption is also choosing yourself. Whatever your reasons are for considering adoption for your baby, we understand that it stems from a place of love. Some mothers have personal goals that they want to accomplish in their next life journey—and that’s okay! Being career or family-oriented is okay when it comes to choosing adoption because it is a wonderful option regardless. Whether you want to experience motherhood or not, adoption is an available option to help you move forward. 

Adoption Options in Arizona 

Adoption is a personal and unique decision for every birth mother. As an agency, our goal is to help and support every birth mother. We understand that guiding yourself through an adoption journey is difficult, which is why we are here to help. If you have any questions about adoption or are considering beginning your own adoption journey, you can reach out to your local adoption agency

We also encourage you to celebrate National Adoption Month with us! Learn more about adoption, be supportive of birth mothers, and be a listening ear for anyone in your life who has experienced adoption. Birth mothers deserve to be celebrated for all of the challenges and endeavors they experience. You can reach out to adoption agencies near you to understand more about adoption and learn how you can help support birth mothers.