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How to Celebrate Birth Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day

By Gabrielle Maya

You are a birth mother who has a child you are placing up for adoption in Arizona. We at Adoption Choices of Arizona want to help answer all your questions. We can answer any questions regarding the adoption plan, adoption process, or unplanned pregnancy services. The month of may is near, which means Birth, Mother’s Day, and Mother’s Day is around the corner. You may not feel that you want to celebrate anything regarding mothers. You may feel discouraged or curious. We understand that adoption may not feel like a motherly thing to do. However, we want you to know that there is no distinct definition of what makes a mother. Adoption Choices of Arizona, we will discuss the differences between an expectant mother, a birth mother, and an adoptive mother; and how each type of mother can be celebrated. We will also discuss coping suggestions.

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Five Coping Suggestions Birth Mothers Should Consider When Celebrating Birth Mother’s Day

You may not feel motherly in any word due to your decision to adopt. You may think that you are not a maternal figure in your child’s life because you do not want an open adoption or crave an open adoption. However, despite the mixed emotions and feelings you may face, we want to assure you that you can celebrate or acknowledge some important coping suggestions. These suggestions are phrases you can think about in May, as Birth, Mother’s Day, and Mother’s Day come closer. 

Adoption is a Motherly Act

You may not have the time or desire to want a child. No matter the circumstances, if you’re going to be a parent or feel incapable of being one, you decide on a selfless act. It is a difficult decision to choose adoption. However, deep down, you thought this decision through and wanted what’s best for the child and yourself. Adoption is a tough road to be on. Your adoption plan and adoption process have final decisions that you make. This is a motherly act of love. You may not see it that way now. However, adoption is a sacrifice of sorts. You are providing a family for someone whose circumstances vary from yours. 

Genetics Don’t Define A Mother

Being an adoptive parent makes you a parent. You are the one who is taking care of the child and providing the best life for them. Genetics don’t make you a good mother. Anyone taking care of the child and loving them unconditionally makes a good mother. 

Maternal Qualities

You may have decided to put your child up for adoption and choose a closed or open adoption type. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have maternal qualities. A sure instinct told you to place your child in adoption. That is a maternal act of love and care. Although you may think you are not fit to parent a child in the future or at least now, qualities of responsibility and making big decisions that can impact your child are parental/maternal qualities you possess.

Wanting to Celebrate Being a Mom

Having the desire to celebrate your decision to be a mother in any shape or form is worth celebrating. There are no definitions of being the ideal mother. There are several kinds of mothers. Celebrate how you feel when doing a motherly act, the sacrifices you’ve made, and how you are working on yourself. Celebrating Birth on Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day is a great way.

Being Curious about Celebrating

If you don’t have an open adoption or semi-open adoption, you may feel guilty or curious about the celebration. But being curious can mean you see yourself as a mother somehow and want to know about celebrations.

What Are the Differences Between Expectant, Birth, and Adoptive Mothers?

Here are the differences between an expectant mother, a birth mother, and an adoptive mother. This terminology is used in the adoption process, pregnancy, and any other form of motherhood to help distinct certain situations and circumstances. 

What Is An Expectant Mother?

Suppose you are a pregnant woman. You are considered an expectant mother. Being pregnant, you have the decision to give birth to this child and take care of it or put the child up for adoption. However, no decision has been made. 

What Is A Birth Mother?

A birth mother is someone who has placed their child up for adoption. In this case, you are a birth mother. You have decided to take this adoption process and arrange for your child’s future adoptive family.

What is An Adoptive Mother?

Being an adoptive mother means you have adopted a child from an adoption agency in Arizona. In this case, you could be an adoptive mother by adopting a child from Adoption Choices of Arizona.

Finally, now that you can define what kind of mothers there are, it’s time to see some suggestions on celebrating Birth on Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day.

How to Celebrate Birth Mother’s Day

Birth Mother’s Day is the day before Mother’s Day which celebrates the placement of the child into the adoption process. 

  • Have a video chat or phone call with the adoptive family and or child
  • Celebrate in person with the adoptive mother and child
  • Make plans with the birth mother support group or anyone you know who has experienced adoption.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day

  • Go out and celebrate at a restaurant or do a fun activity with your child and or adoptive family or family.
  • Have a little r&r, go to a spa, get a massage, do something relaxing at home.
  • Gather with other kinds of mothers and enjoy the day. Do something you haven’t been able to do for a long time (brunch, drinking, clothes shopping, athletics). Anything is possible.
  • Have a family celebration that is at home or lowkey.

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we understand being a mother can be a question many birth mothers, or other kinds of mothers, ask themselves. You may not have a definition of what makes you a mother. You may not even consider what you are doing a motherly act. However, adoption is a motherly act, a selfless act of love. You are doing something important for your child, which should be celebrated. Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day can be challenging for you. We understand if celebrating isn’t in the cards for you. Just know that you can celebrate if you wish and truly learn and understand the joys of motherhood and how there are no labels when being a mom.

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