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Can I Place a Newborn Baby for Adoption in Arizona?

By Syd Sukalski

An unplanned pregnancy can inspire stress and uncertainty in anyone who is pregnant and doesn’t want the baby or can not take care of a baby at this point in her life. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, contact adoption agencies in Arizona to get started today. Placing your baby for adoption can relieve the stress and uncertainty your unplanned pregnancy brought about. Adoption relieves you of the responsibility of caring for a child but also gives you a plan so the future is not so uncertain. It is never too early to start your adoption plan, so you will be ready to place your baby for adoption once they are born.

We will discuss newborn adoption, whether the process is more complex than infant adoption, and a few things you should know before placing your newborn for adoption in Arizona.

But, before we begin, let us introduce ourselves.

Adoption Choices of Arizona maintains a series of private adoption agencies in Arizona, and we want to help you create your adoption plan. If you are considering adoption, call us today, and we will assign you to one of our kind, knowledgeable, and dedicated adoption professionals. Throughout the adoption process, your adoption professional will inform you of all your decisions, so you can make the best choices for yourself and your future birth child. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, call Adoption Choices of Arizona today, and we will help you get started on your adoption plan in Arizona.

Now, let’s discuss newborn adoption.

What Is Newborn Adoption in Arizona?

A newborn adoption occurs when a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy chooses to place her child for adoption while still pregnant. During her pregnancy or in the hospital after giving birth to her child, the birth mother will create an adoption plan. The distinction between newborn adoption and other types of adoption is simply the child’s age when the adoption concludes. Note, however, that an adoption cannot finalize while you are still pregnant with your child. Two days after you give birth to your child, you can sign the adoption papers to finalize the adoption.

Is Newborn Adoption More Difficult than Infant Adoption?

Nope! Newborn adoption and infant adoption have many of the same steps, though, with newborn adoption, you may also want to create a birth or hospital plan during your pregnancy. This plan will inform your caregivers while you are in labor as to what will make you the most comfortable and may include specific instructions about who you want in the room with you during labor, if you want to be the first person to hold your child, or if you want to leave the hospital with your birth child and their new family. 

Your Adoption Professional Will Help You Through the Adoption Process

Before you begin the adoption process, you should know that our adoption professionals at Adoption Choices of Arizona will be with you every step of the way. They will inform every choice you make to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to make the best decisions possible. The adoption process can be daunting, and you may be concerned you don’t have all of the information you need right away, but our adoption professionals will help you acquire this information and give you the confidence you deserve when creating your adoption plan.

You Can Choose Open Adoption in Arizona

Choosing adoption can be difficult because many birth mothers want to stay in contact with their children after the adoption finalizes, but many birth mothers don’t realize that this is a choice! With open adoption, you can remain in contact with your birth child and their family. Open adoption allows you to set up visits with your birth child if you want to stay in touch and be a part of their life.

You Can Choose Who Your Birthchild’s Parents Will Be with an AZ Adoption

In an open adoption, you can also choose who will adopt your child. You will peruse the prospective adoptive family profiles on our website and select a family you think will best fit you and your birth child. You can also meet with the family beforehand to ensure that it will be a good match.

Arizona Adoption Can Benefit Everyone Involved

Placing your newborn baby for adoption in Arizona can help relieve your stress and help you start afresh in your life, but it can also benefit your child and the family who adopts them. When you place your child for adoption, you allow them to live with a family who can offer them a stable life filled with the love of a family who waited a long time to have a child. Placing your child for adoption also allows the adoptive family to have a child when they may not be able to have a biological child.

Creating an adoption plan for your unborn child is a generous act. If you want to start today, call us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or check out our website for more information.