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Can I Give Up My Baby For Adoption In Arizona If I Already Have Kids?

By Connor Shelton

Learning about an unplanned pregnancy when you aren’t ready to have a baby can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you already have children and your pregnancy threatens to put their support at risk. If this is the case, know that you are not alone in your struggle. Many women have faced the same predicament as you and have made the hardest decision to give up a child for adoption. But you’re probably wondering how to give a baby up for adoption when you already have kids. You might even question if you’re allowed to do such a thing. Don’t let these thoughts overwhelm you.

Despite your status as a mother, putting a child up for adoption is still an option. It’s also worth pointing out that your situation is not uncommon. Many mothers with children have given up a child for adoption because they couldn’t raise them. Based on our experiences with them, we know how difficult it is to go through the process. There are a bunch of technical terms that Adoption agencies in Arizona use that can be confusing and hard to keep track of. There’s also the potential guilt that might come from misconceptions surrounding adoption. It’s because of all this we’ve provided the following information for you.

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Why Would I Consider Adoption When I Already Have Children?

There is a multitude of reasons for you why you might consider adoption when you already have children. Perhaps you are facing economic hardship and know that having another child would add strain to your family. Maybe you’re a single mother who already has her hands full with raising her children. Regardless of your reason, know that adoption is a perfectly valid means to ensure all your children receive care.

What Is The Adoption Process Like In Arizona?

Generally speaking, the Arizona adoption process is the same for all who wish to place their child up for adoption. When you reach out to Adoption Choices of Arizona, we’ll discuss your pregnancy options with you in a detailed manner. We’ll provide emotional counseling to help you work through your emotions so you can be at peace with whatever decision you make. Above all, we’ll help you put together an adoption plan, the key to this whole process.

Regardless of whether you already have children or not, your adoption plan will offer the same choices as everyone else’s. You’ll get to decide what kind of family you want to raise your baby. You’ll get to choose how much contact you have with the child after placement. You’ll also decide on what details will be included in your hospital birth plan. From there, we or any number of adoption agencies in Arizona will provide you with various adoptive parent profiles who would be a great match for your baby. You’ll get to choose from them, and once you do so, you’ll be granted an opportunity to meet them. And if you don’t like them after your meeting, you can always go back to the pool of adoptive parents we have available.

How Do I Explain Adoption To My Children?

When you decide to place your baby up for adoption, you’ll have to tell your kid(s) about it. Depending on their age, they’re not likely to understand why they won’t have a baby sibling, so it’s important to start discussions early. Doing this can ensure that they understand what adoption is. More importantly, it should help them adapt to the reality that a new child will not be coming home to live with you after they’re born.

Once your kid(s) understand adoption better and your decision, make sure they’re allowed to express their opinion on the process. Let them know that you hear what they have to say, but also be firm in letting them know that this is your choice. Most importantly, you need to express to them that you’re choosing adoption out of love for them and their sibling. It’s crucial that they understand this.

Once you’ve developed an Arizona adoption plan for your baby, you can also involve your children in the adoption process. Depending on how mature they are, you can involve them in the choice of the adoptive family. It is important for them to better understand your decision and feel that their baby sibling will be taken care of. And if you choose an open adoption, this can put them further at ease because it allows you to choose the family that adopts your baby. Perhaps more importantly for the kids, you all will have a chance to stay in contact with the adoptive family.

Is Adoption the best option for my family and me?

If you’re still pondering this question, here’s what you need to know. Adoption is a demonstration of selflessness on your part. You’re putting your family’s best interests above your own, and that’s what makes all of this so tough. Rest assured, however, that when you choose adoption for your child, you’re not leaving them behind. You’re doing the best you can as a mother to provide for all of your children; in this case, it might mean adoption. 

If you want to learn more about the adoption process or wish to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please, instead, visit us here!