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Can I Find A Family For My Baby At Christmas Time?

By Cale Unitas Macke

As the holiday season approaches, amidst the festive cheer and family gatherings, pregnant women contemplating adoption may grapple with a mix of emotions and concerns. The thought of placing a child for adoption, particularly during the holidays, can be overwhelming, raising questions about finding loving adoptive families during this special time. While the holiday season may seem like an unusual time to place a child for adoption, Adoption Choices of Arizona has a network of supportive adoptive families who are open to welcoming children into their homes during the holidays.

Considering Adoption During The Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a challenging time for pregnant women considering adoption, as it often magnifies feelings of stress, anxiety, and isolation. This, coupled with the opposing holiday cheer, glee, and togetherness, often heightens these emotions and can lead to further confusion. Finding adoption agencies in Arizona that share your values, too, can prove to be a tedious process. It doesn’t have to be, however. Below are the five steps for birth mothers to take if adoption is right for you. 

1. Reach Out to Adoption Choices of Arizona

The first step, like many in life, is to contact a potential resource. You can start by searching for adoptions nearby, or for a private adoption agency, or finding us directly at Adoption Choices of Arizona. From here, you’ll be able to ask any burning questions you have and receive additional information, such as seeking pregnancy help, understanding the adoption process, and learning about the available options.

2. Adoption Counseling

Next would be adoption counseling. Here, you have the opportunity to meet with a counselor and begin an open line of communication about any reservations or questions you may still have. Along with providing you with all the pertinent information and answers to your questions, you will also receive unwavering guidance and support to help with your adoption journey. You’ll walk away with a much clearer idea of what the adoption process entails and have a better idea for what avenues of support are offered.

3. Choosing an Adoptive Family

Should you choose to continue your adoption adventure, your counselor will present you with a number of family profiles for you to choose from based on your previous discussions and values; the families presented will align with what YOU value. You are involved with every decision, and nothing happens if you don’t want it to. For further safety and satisfaction, Adoption Choices of Arizona ensures that all adoptive families undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they can provide a loving and stable home for the child.

4. Placing The Baby With The Family

Now that you’ve selected the family that your child will be placed with, it is time to officially deliver the child to the adoptive family. We know that this part is extraordinarily difficult, but we will be by your side at the hospital to continue providing you with unparalleled support. It is important to remember how impactful what you’re doing truly is. It is easy to lose sight of the meaning you’ve created. Try your best not to. 

5. Continued Support Post Placement

After having placed your child and gone through so much physical and emotional stress, it is time for you to rest. We will continue to stand by your side and aid you in your road of recovery, however long that may take. 

You Are Not Alone in Your Adoption Journey

The adoption process is a stressful one, from deciding on an adoption agency nearby to choosing a family and placing your child in another’s keep. All of these choices are of equal importance, and all of them require extensive thought. You shouldn’t, however, have to think about these or decide on all of them by yourself. Along with your counselor and a team of compassionate professionals, you will have plentiful resources at your disposal and will never be left with an unanswered question. We know how demanding this process can be, and our aim is to lessen any burden. 

Support And Guidance Throughout The Adoption Process

Whether you need pregnancy help for an unplanned pregnancy, are in the process of placing your baby for adoption, or have questions about the adoption process as a whole, Adoption Choices of Arizona is committed to providing support and guidance to pregnant women and birth mothers throughout the adoption process, including during the holidays.