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Can a Birth Mother Change Her Mind about Adoption?

There are many important decisions a birth mother faces when handling her Arizona adoption process that vary from woman to woman, but all birth mothers have one thing in common: they’ve all made the decision to go forward with adoption. When it comes to making a decision on adoption, there are many factors involved, from living and economic circumstances to career and educational aspirations. None of these factors, however, are set in stone, and birth mothers everywhere might be wondering one very important question: Can a birth mother change her mind about adoption? Yes, a woman can change her mind about adoption up until she signs the relinquishment paperwork.

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If you are wondering where your case stands, then Adoption Choices of Arizona can help you clear it up. We pride ourselves on providing birth mothers across the state with the resources and information you need to have a successful adoption, and making sure you know what’s within your control during the adoption process is part of that. Much of the issue has to do with the timing of the decision, specifically how far along you are as a birth mother going through the adoption process. In short terms, adoption is not a reversible process. Once the adoption is finalized, there is legally no going back on the arrangement. However, that does not mean you are locked into the process entirely before it is complete. 

When can a Birth Mother Change Her Mind about Adoption?

For a birth mother, the process of adoption is finalized when the final legal documents are signed and the child is officially placed in the care of the adoptive family. Before this point, a birth mother does have the ability to change her mind at any time about the decision she has made to put her child up for adoption. In the state of Arizona specifically, when a birth mother gives birth to her child, she must wait a mandatory seventy-two hours before signing the final required documents. After that period of three days, the adoption can be finalized and the child can be officially adopted.

If you are a birth mother, you should remember that your adoption process works for you as much as possible with Adoption Choices of Arizona. For us, creating a personalized adoption plan is an important aspect of the adoption process, but it also reflects one of our core ideas. Your adoption should be unique to you, and we want to do everything to reflect that. If it turns out at any point during your adoption process that you feel adoption is no longer the right choice for you and your child, that’s perfectly understandable. Your decision is a decision that we want to respect and make possible to the best of our abilities.

Why would a Birth Mother Change Her Mind about Adoption?

As we mentioned before, there are lots of reasons why a birth mother would want to reconsider going forward with an adoption. Some mothers simply find themselves growing too attached to their newborn baby in the period of time between the birth of their child and the finalization of the adoption process. For others, the circumstances that led them to adoption in the first place might be shifting around for the better. An opportunity to increase your income might appear, or your housing situation might improve to the point where you feel comfortable raising your child in a healthier environment. In any case, you aren’t locked into adoption at any point during the process until it is finalized. If you feel that you want to reconsider your options, feel free to discuss it with us here at Adoption Choices of Arizona through one of our adoption professionals.

Can a Birth Mother Change Her Mind about Adoption?

At the end of the day, adoption can be a very positive experience for you as a birth mother, but it might not be the best decision for everyone. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re considering another path forward with your pregnancy, you shouldn’t feel pressured to go through with an adoption you might not want. Talking things through and altering your adoption plan are both key to ensuring you have a successful adoption process, even if you don’t end up going through with the adoption itself at the end.

There are lots of entirely valid reasons why you might change your mind about adoption. If you are going through the adoption process and feel like you might need to re-examine your position as a birth mother, don’t hesitate to stop and reflect on what could be one of the most important decisions of your life. We’ll be happy to accommodate you, whatever your decision may be in the end.

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