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What to Expect When You’re Expecting… an Adoption

If you’re a birth mother who is new to this adoption thing, the adoption process may look daunting and feel overwhelming. However, having a solid knowledge on what to expect during the process of adoption can help immensely and take the load off what could possibly be a very frustrating and complicated proceeding. Before setting your heart on anything, here are a few things to expect when you’re expecting to place a baby up for adoption:

You should expect:

A hard decision. Unless you are dead-set on placing your baby for adoption and are confident in it, choosing adoption can be an extremely difficult decision to make. After all, they are your child and you will ultimately be saying goodbye to them. However, if you believe that adoption is the best way to give them a good life, it is an important and potentially life-saving decision to make. Your friends, family, and Adoption Choices of Arizona can help you make it confidently.

Paperwork. No matter what, the sometimes boring aspects of adoption are necessary, like filling out all necessary paperwork, including those relating to medical history. With Adoption Choices of Arizona, you won’t have to question what you need to provide, and we can help you through the entire process.

Choosing an adoptive family based on the information they have in their bios, and hopefully meeting them. When deciding to place a baby up for adoption, you will also have a say in what kind of adoption you want – open or closed. At this time in the process, you can rely on that decision to tell you if you want to stay in contact with the adoptive parents or not.

Maybe some feelings of regret or remorse about placing the baby for adoption. This can be common in many adoption scenarios; no matter how dedicated you were to your decision to place the baby for adoption before, it may change, or you may start to feel regret in not raising them. This is normal, but also something that can be explored. Again, if you feel like this is the best decision to make in order to provide the baby a safe, loving and successful atmosphere in which to grow up, it is the right decision. Any feelings of remorse or regret are valid, but hopefully will be less overwhelming when you consider the kind of loving life the child will have with their family.

Questions and judgement from certain people who don’t understand. As is the case with almost anything in life, you will most likely be met with people who do not understand your situation or why you are choosing to place your child for adoption. That’s okay! They don’t have to understand. They may say or do things that call you into question, but be brave and stand tall against the empty words of the people who try to keep you down. Take constructive advice if you choose to, but try not to entertain bullies. Just know that this is something you know is right – something that will be a safer and better option for both your life and the child’s.

A community that will support you. No matter what anyone outside says, you have a family. You are a part of a community of strong men and women who will have your back no matter what. And with that, you can also expect an adoption agency that will support you – Adoption Choices of Arizona

Most importantly – a happy and loving family for the place baby. You can trust that through Adoption Choices of Arizona, the child will grow up in a loving, supportive home that will foster their growth into a wonderful person. What a relief that is – to know that the child you place for adoption will be happy in a home that perhaps no one would be able to provide them except the family.

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