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Choosing Adoption as a Career-Driven Pregnant Woman

Sometimes with the paths you choose, you have to put your career first, and that’s OK. If an unexpected pregnancy works its way into the mix, you have several options. We at Adoption Choices of Arizona want to let you know that adoption should be among your preferences, and here are some reasons why.

You may not want to parent, but there are plenty of others who do

As a young woman focused on your career, you may simply be too busy to even think about kids at the moment. However, while a baby may not fit your lifestyle, it’s important to consider the countless other people who would do anything to become parents. These people tend to look to adoption to fulfill their dreams, and you could be the person to change their lives.

You will have the opportunity to choose the adoptive family as well as the level of openness – open adoption, semi-adoption, or closed adoption for your adoption plan.

It’s hard to balance a career-driven life and kids

You may not be interested in parenting at all, yet you feel pressured by loved ones who think you should keep the baby. This is a situation where your feelings matter most. It’s hard enough to have a grueling job and to have kids separately, but if you combine the two, especially when you’re really not looking to parent, the outcome is bound to be difficult.

With adoption, you’re giving someone else a chance they may not get otherwise

Artificial insemination and donor eggs can cost thousands of dollars per attempt, and they’re unsuccessful a lot of the time. Some couples, and singles, especially, can’t afford to try it more than once. Adoption is a good alternative for a guaranteed result. At the end of every adoption, the adoptive parents get the child they hoped for, which doesn’t always happen with other methods.

Adoption is an option and it’s always a safe alternative to unexpected pregnancies. While you continue to do great things with your career, you should give prospective parents a chance to complete their own goals, too. You can view some of our current waiting families here!

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