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Are you late into your pregnancy and considering adoption? Have no fear – Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to address some questions you may have regarding placing a child for adoption late in your pregnancy.

Can I place my child into adoption late into my pregnancy? Yes! It can sometimes be challenging to choose adoption at any time in your pregnancy, but especially if it’s late in the term. Just know that it is possible to decide on adoption at any time in your pregnancy, before, or after. Some birth mothers decide to place a baby into adoption after they are born. You do not need to have anything decided right away.

Will choosing adoption late in my pregnancy slow down the adoption process? Not necessarily. With every adoption, there are certain steps to take and processes to go through to ensure that you and the child and the adoptive parents are covered legally. This process includes case studies and home studies for adoptive parents, and some paperwork for both sides. The sooner you decide to go through with adoption, the sooner all of the other processes will start to take off, so deciding later in your pregnancy will delay the processes a little bit. But don’t let that deter you. Unlike with your pregnancy, there is no “due date” for when you need to have everything figured out. If you decide late in your pregnancy that you want to go through with adoption, the child may be born before the process can be completed, and that’s okay! As long as this is the way you and any potential adoptive parents want it to go, there is nothing wrong with that.

Are there any significant benefits or drawbacks to deciding to place my child for adoption late into my pregnancy? One benefit to deciding later in your pregnancy is simply the act of deciding to give the child a better life, and that decision is better late than never if you feel compelled to do so. A drawback could be, as mentioned above, the process will delay as the adoption does, but that’s okay. Sometimes, birth mothers just realize late in their pregnancy that they cannot raise the child on their own for whatever reason, and therefore make the decision to place the baby for adoption later. No matter the reason for deciding late in the pregnancy, there is nothing wrong with this. It is your adoption plan, after all, and you get to decide when you want to move forward.

What if I’m still deciding? Who can help me decide whether or not to go through with adoption late into my pregnancy? Talking to any spouses, significant others, family, friends, or trusted doctors for advice can be extremely helpful as long as they have your best interests in mind. You can always call Adoption Choices of Arizona as well and speak to us about your expectations, fears, hopes, or anything else related to late-term adoption, or anything revolving around adoption at all. We are here to help you through the decision, of course keeping your best interests in mind.

Overall, it is never too late to choose adoption. If you feel that adoption is the right choice for you, there is no limit to when you can decide to go through with it. Call us or text us today to discuss adoption in whatever stage of pregnancy you’re in.
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