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National Adoption Month is finally here, and Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to help you celebrate! Every year, we get excited for November. It’s a month devoted to encouraging people to learn about adoption, recognizing people who have been impacted by adoption, and organizing positive adoption-related events.

Though we’re sure you celebrate adoption each day, November gives you a reason to focus on the importance of adoption in your life, and say thank you to those who made it possible: from selfless birth parents to adoption counselors and beyond. It’s also a great time to focus on adoption with your child and discuss what it means to him or her. Here are 10 ways to celebrate National Adoption Month! This way, you and your family can celebrate and participate.

  1. Retell your child’s adoption story!
    Make time to sit and talk with your child about his or her adoption story! You can even create a memory book that tells your child’s story before and after adoption.
  2. Write about your experience or connection to adoption.

Bring attention to adoption by writing about your experience or connection to adoption on a blog or social media.

  1. Share a family tradition or start a new tradition.

It’s not the gifts they remember this time of year, it’s the family traditions. Think of a tradition your family had when you were a child. Did your family sit down to eat at the dinner table every night or cut down your own Christmas tree every year when you were growing up? You probably have a much clearer memory of those times together than of any present you got. Try to think of ways you can start doing these same things with your family.

  1. Volunteer with a foster care or adoption organization.

Many nonprofit organizations can’t fulfill their mission without the help of dedicated and passionate volunteers. If you’re able, lend a helping hand!

  1. Celebrate your child’s heritage.

One way to do this is by cooking a traditional meal. You can even let your child help prepare the meal. Hint: You can do this even if your child came from just the next county or state over.

  1. Support a friend or family member who is adopting.

Send a note to someone adopting to let them know you’re thinking of them and supporting their family.

  1. Watch a positive adoption-themed movie.

Be careful that you pick a movie that portrays adoption in a positive light. BabeTarzanThe Prince of EgyptStuart LittleThe Rescuers, Despicable Me, and Superman are all good choices! Steer away from titles like Annie,

Tangled, and Thor, which portray adopted children or adoptive families in negative ways.

  1. Fundraise for an adoptive family or adoption organization.

Adoptive families are often responsible for many different adoption expenses and their non profit adoption agencies want to keep adoption as affordable as possible. Donate today to your favorite child-welfare organization or a family who is adopting!

  1. Write a ‘Thank You’ letter.
    Since we’re so close to Thanksgiving, what better way to show gratitude than thanking the people who worked so hard to make your adoption possible? Write a thank you letter to the social worker, attorney, judge, or adoption professional who helped you in the adoption process. Make sure to send a heartfelt thank you note to your child’s birth parents as well!
  2. Read a book!

Buy an adoption-related book for your child’s classroom or ask your child’s school or local library to display books about adoption to commemorate National Adoption Month. It’s a great way to help spread awareness!




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