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No matter if you are adopting a child, placing a child for adoption, or simply know and love a birth mother, expressing your gratitude for her does not go unnoticed. If you’re looking for a way to show a birth mother in your life that she is appreciated, look no further. Remember that every gift depends on the person, so use your discretion when gifting to a birth mother and cater to her comfort levels and interests. Here is a list of several gift ideas for birth mothers and why they could be impactful:

  1. Pregnancy Self-Care Box

    • There’s nothing like a gift revolving around self-care to say “I appreciate you.” This is a perfect gift for either an expectant birth mother or one who has recently given birth. Unsurprisingly, the act of birth is an extremely taxing one for the body and mind, so show the birth mother in your life that you care about her well-being with a couple of face masks, a massage coupon, some baked goods, spa items, a heating pad, and the like. This self-care box will get her off her feet and relaxed.

  2. Scrapbook

    • Gifting an empty scrapbook for a birth mother can be a perfect opportunity to give creative freedom to her; however, filling the scrapbook to be ready for her to look through can be a personal and rare gesture. This can be especially valuable in an adoption scenario, because depending on the type of adoption (open vs. closed) and the level of comfort the birth mother feels with the adoptive family, she could choose to fill the scrapbook with photos of the place baby and perhaps give it as a gift herself.

  3. Books

    • These can be adoption-related or not. If you know the birth mother personally, try to find her something that will speak to her reading interests – if she’s into science fiction, pick up a novel about space. If she likes nonfiction, gift her an informative book about wildlife. Is the birth mother in your life currently pregnant and in need of resources? Pick up a couple pregnancy books that will help her along the way. Books are a great gift no matter what – and because there are so many genres to choose from, it could be simple to find one that will speak to the birth mother you know and love.

    • Adoption books for birth mothers
  4. Art

    • If the birth mother in your life enjoys art and creativity, another great gift is a piece of art. Whether that be a vase, a mug, a painting, or even tickets to a concert, this kind of gift will tell the birth mother you care about her and want her to enjoy the little things in life. If you’re feeling up to it, you could even custom-make an item of art for her, and add a touch of personality to say “I made this for you.”

  5. Custom-made gift

    • If you’re in doubt on what to gift her, try going simple. If you’re not sure what she’d like, ask her or someone close to her what her interests are, or what she needs right now. Something as simple as a card with the birth mother’s favorite cartoon character on the front, or even a home-cooked meal, can be exactly what she needs for a pick-me-up.

Birth mothers, whether pre- or post-partum, go through a lot to deliver a new face to the world. If you know one in your life that needs a little love, don’t be afraid to show it to her through these, and your own, gift ideas.


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