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Adoption in itself can be a challenging experience. But what happens when you are a single person looking to adopt? It seems as though there are not many methods of representation for single parent adoption, but there is so much to understand with this avenue of adoption. Noelle posed five questions to a single father looking to adopt, and he revealed his story, difficulties, and blessings while adopting by himself.

single father adoption

What is the biggest challenge you face being a single person looking to adopt?

“Probably the criticism of being a single man who wants to adopt a child. My wife died of cancer very young and I have never wanted to remarry. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want a family. It’s also hard to think about fathering a child without my wife but she always told me I would be such a good dad.”

If you are also single and looking to adopt, reach out to Adoption Choices of Arizona today to start your process. If you have experienced your partner passing away and are having a hard time coping but considering adoption, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Adoption Choices for counseling resources.

What is the biggest blessing you face being a single person looking to adopt?

“Making my wife proud. I mean, obviously she’s not here to see it, but she still is. She will smile down on our beautiful family and be so proud. And then, having a family!”

How did you come to decide to adopt? What did the process look like?

“As mentioned, my wife passed away several years ago. We always wanted a big family. So far the process seems the same as for any family. I had to fill out an application and pay fees. I’m basically waiting for an expectant mother to choose me. We could probably add that to the biggest challenge list. It’s not so common for a single man to want to adopt and maybe a bit taboo. Adoption Choices is really great about discussing me as an option to birth mothers though!”

How do you think single person adoption differs from a couple adoption?

“Besides parenting as a single and the difficulty of being picked by a birth mother, I don’t think the adoption process is any different. And I imagine a couple who hasn’t been picked yet feels similar.”

If you are a birth mother looking to place your baby with a single parent, contact Adoption Choices and we will match you with someone perfect for the baby.

What advice would you give to those who are also adopting as a single person?

“It’s possible!! It’s fun and exciting and you can do it.”

As this prospective adoptive father outlines, there are definitely difficulties within adoption while being single. However, it can also come with an even bigger reward. He is making his and his wife’s dreams of a family come true, which is the most important part. As he mentions in the last answer, adoption as a single person is completely possible and can be fun and incredibly rewarding. If you are adopting single as well, contact Adoption Choices to access resources, support, and help in making decisions in one of the biggest and most exciting events in your life.