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As a birth mom, there is a vast array of resources and information at your fingertips to help you through your pregnancy and the adoption process. But as a birth father, there may be less of an array to help you through. There are responsibilities and confusions for both birth parents, and birth fathers are no exception.

If you are a birth father, that means you are the biological father of a baby being placed for adoption. You could or could not be in any sort of relationship with the birth mother, and your involvement in the adoption process could depend heavily on that. If you are a birth father who is or was not involved in the adoption process of the placement of the child, whether by your choosing or not, it can be difficult to become involved, especially if the agency cannot you.

It is vital to note that at Adoption Choices of Arizona, if the birth father cannot be located, he chooses not to consent to the adoption, or he wishes to proceed with an agency representative, the agency or an attorney will try to work out the situation in which the birth mother can proceed with the adoption plan safely.

No matter what your particular situation, it is important to stay active and involved in the adoption process. There can be immeasurable stress for both parties of the birth parents, and having a close support system, along with the help of Adoption Choices of Arizona, means everything.

As a birth father, it should be your responsibility to know your rights in the adoption process. You will not have custody over the adopted child(ren) or have to pay child support, but that does not mean you can’t be involved in the process of adoption. This includes talking with adoption professionals, reviewing and ultimately choosing an adoptive family, and the birth of the baby. If the birth mother does not wish for you to be involved in the process, that is something Adoption Choices of Arizona can address and help with as well.

If at all possible, stay connected to the birth mother and help her through the sometimes very difficult process of choosing and going through with an adoption plan. If you choose not to be involved in the beginning of the process, it may be hard to jump back into it again. If you as a birth father have a relationship with the birth mother and you approve of the choice to place the baby for adoption, try to be there from the beginning. This will hopefully make the process easier on both of you if you have the opportunity to share the experiences.

In general, try to be there for the birth mother in every way. The two of you are a team, regardless of your relationship status at this point, and the less stress she has, the better for her and your baby.

Both sets of birth grandparents can also be involved in the adoption process – the birth mother’s parents may be more involved than the birth father’s parents, but that does not mean that both can be equally involved!

Adoption is a choice and so is your participation in it, as the birth father. Playing an active role benefits each party of the adoption triad. For more information, check out some of our birth father resources:

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And always contact Adoption Choices of Arizona to learn more or to pursue your adoption journey!



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