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Depending on who you ask, this answer will always be different. A birth mother might answer, “She will grow up in a better home with better opportunities.” While an adoptive mother might answer, “We get the opportunity to start our family.” And an adoptee will have an even different answer. This is because adoption is unique for each individual and it comes with a multitude of points of view.

Despite the unique circumstances for each adoption journey, there are some common advantages that ring true for each member of the adoption triad.

Advantages for Birth Mothers:

An unplanned pregnancy can delay or halt a woman’s education, career or other goals. You may not be financially able to care for a child or an additional child and you may not have a partner to help you raise this child. Some women are unable to terminate the pregnancy, but also are not ready to parent this child.

There are many advantages of adoption for birth mothers. Adoption can give her a chance to receive an education or achieve other goals. Placing a child for adoption with a loving family who can provide a safe and happy home can be a great comfort for a birth mother.

Women who choose adoption:

  • Tend to have higher educational aspirations
  • Are more likely to finish school
  • Are less likely to live in poverty and receive public assistance
  • Are more likely to delay marriage and having other children
  • Are more likely to marry and less likely to divorce
  • Are more likely to be employed a year after the baby is born
  • Are less likely to be pregnant again out of wedlock

One of biggest advantages of choosing adoption is the ability to still be a part of your child’s life. Many birth mothers are able to stay in contact with the adoptive family and their child through open adoption. They may receive letters, emails, photos, and phone calls regarding the welfare of their child. In some cases, there may even be visits with the child. Birthmothers can be reassured that their child is loved and well-cared for and can be reassured that their decision to make an adoption plan was the right one.

Advantages for Adopted Children:

There are many advantages for children who are adopted. They grow up in a family that were lovingly and selflessly chose for them. Other advantages include:

  • They have committed parents and a stable home
  • They have opportunities and resources that you may not have been able to provide for them at your stage in life

Studies show that adopted children:

  • Have greater health
  • More one-on-one attention from a parent
  • Are more involved in extracurricular activities
  • Are as well-adjusted as their peers

Your child will know that you made a loving decision to choose the best life possible for them. Your child will will be grateful for your courageous decision and thankful that so many people care about him or her.

Advantages for Adoptive Family:

There are also advantages for adoptive families including:

  • Receiving the joy and blessing of adding a child to their family
  • Ability to fulfill dreams of raising a child
  • Provide a loving home to a child
  • Opportunity to meet and form a relationship with the birth parents

Everyday, women like you choose adoption. They understand the benefits of adoption and want what is best for their child. Because of open adoption, relationships can be ongoing between these women and their children. Today, adoption is a widely accepted option for a woman who is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and is considering adoption for ANY reason.

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