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You’ve made the decision to adopt a child into your family. It can be an anxious and confusing time trying to figure out what you should expect out of an agency. How do you ensure that all of your needs are not only met, but exceeded? What questions do you need to ask to find your perfect adoption agency match as a prospective parent? 

I asked a personal friend that has gone through the process of choosing an adoption agency what she believed the most important things to ask while interviewing different agencies would be. While there are many questions to think about, these are a few of the things that popped into her head right away when asked this question. These are a few things that can help guide you to an agency that is morally and ethically responsible and informative:

Agency Support: “I think people need to ask what kind of support they can expect through the process and after the adoption is finalized.” While it’s obviously important to have a strong support system like a significant other, friend, or family member–the support system of your adoption agency is just as important during the process. Services like quality counseling being provided during the entire adoption process and even after are very important. Educating expectant parents on the subject is also a way for them to feel supported and informed. 

Support for the Birth Mother“I think it’s important to ask how birth mom’s are cared for through the process.” Whether it be financial assistance, physically supporting them by driving them to appointments or offering housing if necessary, and even emotional support. It’s important to remember that an agency needs to be helpful toward a woman questioning her ability to parent her child. An agency should never make a woman feel unsupported or pressured into deciding to put her child up for adoption if that’s not what she wants 100%. Her rights as well as the rights of expecting parents should always be made completely clear

The Process“I would also want to know what the process looks like…in all situations (‘normal’ or if a disruption happens).” Asking questions about their wait times or what they do in situations where the adoption doesn’t work out can play a big role in deciding if that specific agency shares your same interests, needs and wants. How are prospective parents matched with their birth mothers? Is there help while negotiating contracts? Do they help to prepare for any trips or travel? What do costs and expenses look like? 

Make sure your research is done so you feel secure in your decision. Be prepared and know what you want to ask going into each interview. This should be an exciting time, don’t waste time with the wrong agency. Hopefully the information in the article can help you in your process of beginning your family! 

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