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We have asked, “Why is it important to celebrate adoption?” Some of our best adoption friends have answered below!

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The Williams family states, “Adoption isn’t taboo. Talk about it, share your story, you never know where a simple conversation will lead you. For our family, talking to a friend and running coach helped lead us to our most perfect blessing! My husband and I are an ‘open book’ and have also helped others along their journey to adopt.”

“I’m an adult adoptee currently having the fun of researching and finding biological family connections! But the important thing is “I was allowed to live” I was placed in a home filled with love and grew up with an also adopted non bio-brother who couldn’t be more dear to me. I’m the luckiest gal there could be. Once for being granted life and second for having a life of love and acceptance.” ~Lauren

“I choose to work in adoption because it’s an overflow of who I am. It’s also my sincerest hope that every child being adopted gets to experience the type of love that I’ve been lucky enough to have with my dad. My life is undoubtedly better because of my adoption.” ~Natalie

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