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The Adoption Process

If you are just starting your research into adoption, thank you for your interest in Adoption Choices of Arizona!
The adoption process can be confusing and overwhelming without the proper guidance. There are a lot of details to review and many options to consider; we can help you throughout the process.

If you are already a certified or licensed adoptive parent and would like to join our Adoption Choices of Arizona network, please contact us so we can talk about your preferences in relation to the needs of our Arizona birth moms.
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The first step for all new applicants (needing a home study or wanting to apply with our agency) is to complete an orientation to provide you with the necessary information about private adoption in Arizona, as well as Adoption Choices of Arizona. It is strictly for informational purposes and it is at no-cost to you. If you are married or in a relationship, it is best to have both of you available for the presentation. A copy of the presentation as well as the orientation paperwork will be provided to you at that time.

After you have completed the orientation, the following documents will need to be submitted to our office. Once the paperwork has been submitted, our staff will contact your home study agency to obtain all the required documents to create your file.

  • Orientation Attended form and other orientation paperwork
  • Adoption Choices of Arizona Application along with the non-refundable application fee
  • Copies of Driver’s Licenses
  • At least 2 copies of your profile book and 1 PDF version

An adoption specialist is assigned to each of our birth mothers to support and help them prepare for their futures. When a birth mother chooses to start the adoption process, paperwork is completed and she is ready to view profiles. We only show your profile to birth mothers for whom you have already been sent information and have given your approval to present.

When you are chosen by a birth mother, you will sign a contract and send the total estimated amount of your adoption fees, expenses, and costs, which will be deposited into the agency escrow account.

In the meantime, start looking for an attorney in your area to handle the finalization of your adoption. Once you are matched, we will need to obtain a letter from your attorney. Please note that not all states require an attorney for finalization.

After the baby is born, you will sign a temporary custody placement agreement allowing the baby to leave the hospital with you. The placement agreement should be e-mailed to your insurance company to ensure that the baby will have medical coverage. Federal Law requires that insurance companies cover an adopted child from date of placement. However, you should check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage. If your baby is delivered outside of Arizona, other states have similar documents that you will sign, allowing you to provide the child with medical care while you are awaiting the final decree of adoption.

For more information on our adoption services, contact us at 888-422-9912 or click here to email us.
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